Help finding aluminum faceplate for a 40h kit?

  • Hey everyone-

    I'm new to the community. I just ordered one of the 40h kits after seeing Edison rock the shit out of his Monome in SF and becoming instantly enamored.

    I've been reading a lot of the forum topics and have found the PDFs of the faceplate diagrams, etc. I know it will be a while until I need the faceplate but it seems like a good idea to get things moving now as stuff always takes longer than expected.

    I'd like a clean aluminum faceplate with no exposed screws on the top sheet, and I haven't seen any recent group order threads. Does anyone know a good place to start looking for a plate?
    Many thanks.

  • Yeah I am as well, maybe we could get a group buy together? I have no idea how those work but I'm assuming since a batch of kits just went out there are going to be others interested as well. Not to mention that the aluminum faceplate style is hot :P

    I've searched all over the internet with no luck :/

    Anyone have any suggestions for options in the States?

  • I could be interested too,
    though I'm the EU...

  • Count me in on the US order.

  • If we can get something together and there are multiple EU buyers it may make sense to have a single EU representative that can handle distribution once the faceplates make it over (assuming manufacture in the US). VAT and import duties will likely be greatly reduced that way.

    * Better yet, in keeping with the Monome ideology of sustainability perhaps it would be best to source any EU faceplates from within the EU.

    Either way I'm hearing interest so let's hear from members that have been through the process :)

  • id be interested in one. Im located in the US btw.

  • im in for one in the EU..

  • ok so i got quote around $65 for each alum faceplate. but to get it in this prince range ive to order a lease 10 faceplates...
    so let me know whos interested..

  • Im locate in the usa

  • I'm also interested in a faceplate, located in the U.S.

  • me too. in chicago.

  • @Speedy R

    I'm interested, and in the states // do you have any info on the company?

  • i'm interested in EU

  • @Speedy R

    I'm interested. What are the specs you gave them and where/who is the company?

  • @Speedy R

    I'm in. I'm assuming that you gave them the specs from the Monome website?

  • yeah im gonna used the same spec from here... and the machine shop is located in canada....

  • Fantastic. Again, I'm definitely in on this.

    Brian's shipping the 40h's out tonight; I can't believe I'm actually getting my hands on one of these.

  • @SpeedyR

    You in Canada too??? I'm located in Toronto...

    Was talking to another on the form about potential Toronto meet up

  • if anyone is interested in getting an acrylic face plate let me know. It will have two top plates and 1 bottom plate. Holes already drilled in so all you need is an enclosure which i might be able to provide also.

  • i just got a email from another company (bigbluesaw) says if we wait a couple week more until their new laser is up they can give us a good price too....

    BTW im located in USA

  • So I was looking at the monome40h_plate.pdf and I'm left wondering how this would be attached to the enclosure.

    Does anybody have any input on this?

  • It is my understanding the back of the faceplate attaches to the circuit board, sandwiching the buttons between them. Then there are standoffs that attach to the bottom side of the circuit board and screws go into that from the back/bottom of your enclosure.

    I'm out if you are in the US ordering from Canada, but if in the US and ordering US let me know.

  • I see. Thanks.

    Getting an enclosure is going to be quite an adventure. I definitely would like to start it out with an aluminum faceplate though.

  • Loving the idea of an Aluminium faceplate, If it's not crazy money then I'm def interested for the EU (UK)!

  • More info! Would it be possible to make a sparkfun-sized faceplate?

  • I Dont know about that yet bibo but i will let you know later

  • I would be in for a group buy on aluminum faceplates, and wouldn't mind waiting for a good price, if that's the plan. In the US.

  • you know, you guys could just use scaeffer/frontpanel express..
    it might be easier, and they do good quantity discount.

  • Hey wluis where did you get that sparfun Faceplate done?

  • Hey there - if you haven't finished your order yet, I'd love to hear more! I'm in the US (North Carolina) - just got my kits today, so looking to figure the rest out as I go!

  • I just received my 40h kit and would like in on an aluminum faceplate GB. I'm in the US. Thanks.

  • @ SpeedR

    Anything happening here?

  • I just received my kit as well and am super psyched - would be willing to go in on a group by on an aluminum face plate. I may have a lead on a source.

  • @thealphanerd I am in toronto, and have two extra 40h faceplates I picked up off of Gunboat D. I since an 80h faceplate from xndr, and no longer need them.

    I think I paid $78 US a piece for them, but am willing to part with them at $70 CDN each.

  • ok guys the machine shop located in canada that I got a quote on they cant make the screw hole they do everything execpt for that

    i got from another company located in colorado the same thing they do everything except for the screw holes

    i send a email to front panel express and they told me to get a quote on faceplate they have to design it and they will charge me 80 dollars per hour just to design the faceplate and they can tell me

  • I was thinking about front panel express - Did they say they couldn't even give you a price without dinging the clock? that's pretty cheeky - especially by the hour. you'd think their software would give a ballpark.

  • i struggle too to find infos or a group buy for a faceplate, so i decided to go by myself. i will use front plate designer, i found a faceplate drawing by Jul here in the wiki, in the frontplate designer format (.fpd)

    here is the link.

    that way i can modify it (it's strangely easy), see the price evolve, and order my faceplate, without losing myself in the monome wiki, which is kind of a labyrinth

  • Do you know exactly where original panels are built? You should ask there, they already have machines ready...

  • yeah sure but i'm in europe :)

    i don't get why the monome team doesn't give the autocad faceplate file (well... the machine file) on the website... that would make things a lot easier for kit buyers !

  • Blimey, Just checked out the website and put in the aluminium faceplate fpd that others have used. It's not cheap is it? 91.48Eur, that's about £83 just for one faceplate. That's made me think twice, anyone know any other places around Europe or the UK that can machine Aluminium faceplaces any cheaper?

    Might end up getting an acrylic one at this rate!

  • Do you think they could offer better prices for multiple orders? I might be interested for some...

    edit...nope...I need a sparkfun sized one! Sorry...

  • Hey Guys and Gals,

    I am getting a quote from a place in the US this week (I'm friends with an industrial designer and he works closely with someone who could fabricate such a thing.)

    I will keep you posted!


  • That's some good news there Jeffrey_C.

  • I'm also in for a faceplate in the EU.

  • Okay - I got a quote from one place that is a little pricey. My industrial designer friend referred me to a place that would do it through laser cutting. This would be considerably less expensive. I will let you know when I find out.

  • +1 on EU faceplate

  • +1 on EU faceplate as well

  • I need a faceplate as well. I really want just the standard, aluminum faceplate that comes with the pre-built monomes, or as close to that as possible. I'm in Germany currently.

  • I've got a quote for the faceplate at $45 if purchased in a quantity of at least 10. I should have more quotes coming in in the next few days here, but $45 seems like a good start to me. If anybody's interested you can send me an email at this address:

    I am in the US. If you're in EU or CA or whatever I'm not against including you in the purchase as long as you are aware of and ready to manage the shipping implications and other related fees.

  • +1 for a faceplate as well, I'm in the EU, (England) :)