live audio and video questions

  • ok so heres the set up for an up coming tour

    we have a live set 16 channels of triggered scenes in LIVE from a 128 monome running from one mac laptop

    and a second laptop with live and max running videofingers triggered from a monome 64

    the video will be projected on large screens and at the moment the source material video is on several dvds

    whats the easiest/best/quickest way to input the video in to the many small quicktime chunks needed? and at what format/ratio etc

    i have other various usb controllers that can be used to join the 2 laptops
    midi/usb and am hoping it will be a pretty simple process to sync them
    but any input advice in theis area will be appreciated

    im sure there will be many more questions once it is up and running

    thanks all in advance

  • Awesome! My recommendation for getting this clips prepared is a application called Mpeg Streamclip. It is free to download and you can find it here:

    You can even open your DVD files straight from the DVD in your computer drive. One question though.

    Are the DVD's copyright protected? Would you be trying to get any footage from the big studio DVD's.

    If so you would need to get the latest mac the ripper. If your on a mac. I only have a mac so I don't know of the windows equivalent. Getting the latest Mactheripper is not as simple as just downloading and installing. You have to go through a few hoops but it is worth it if you need clips off the latest releases.

  • wow thanks egon!
    what a great app , so simple to use too

    im sure its something dumb i am doing but i cant seem to
    drop a .mov into a V slot i get no error message or anything
    just dosnt work
    what am i doing wrong?

    im on a mac by the way

  • hmm, sounds strange. When you hover the file over the V do you see an outline appear around the box? When you drop it in, there will not be any visual confirmation of it or anything.

    Also make sure the DAC is on and flashing. It's the button on the upper right of the 64 if your using "top" in monomeserial.

    That's another thing to check: make sure your cable orientation matches what you have selected so that you know you are pressing the right button for that particular slot.

    Once you've dropped a video clip in the slot then that should unlock that coinciding button.

    After you've dropped a video into a slot does the led light up for that button when you press it?

    Oh yeah, and make sure your prefix is set to:/64

    sorry these may be elemental questions but it seems the monome is not communicating with the app. Just for safety sake, what codec are you using for the videos and what's your computer setup; ie. What OS and what kind of mac?

  • V outine hover yes

    DAC light flashing yes
    cable top check
    button unlocked lights when pressed yes

    comp apple 2.16 intel core duo 2 G RAM

    still no videos

  • hmm just messing about further
    and i tried some different vid clips
    these include audio , now
    when i trigger them from the 64
    i can hear the audio but still see no picture
    ( it dosnt appear on a second monitor or w/e does it?)

  • Ok so that's good that your getting something there. No the video should show up in the small window that comes up when you launch the app. When you press the button do you see any reaction from the window like a flash of white or anything?

  • Also do a "get info" on your video clip and check to see what it says under codec?

  • ha so thats my big problem
    no window just the app page
    how do i get the video window to open?
    ( sorry to be so dumb lol )

    codec DV/DVPRO

  • Press Command+M and bring up the max window. After you've pressed a button with a video clip for the first time do you see anything listed building GL on window "Optimized"

    My guess is maybe its launching the application and the black window is loading on a second monitor or something rather than beside the main app.

    Also if you press the esc button it should make the video window fullscreen. That's another good thing to check.

  • btw im using max 5 does this need anything else like jitter?

  • hmm cant create window optimized

  • Hmmm, Thanks for that info. I will do a little research. and get back to as soon as I've come up with something. I thought jitter support was automatic with Max 5 runtime. Are you using runtime or Max 5 full version. Perhaps try it in runtime if you are not already and I will get back to you with what I have found out. By the way, I am local. So if we don't figure this out easily perhaps we could meet up and get to the bottom of it.

    Will reply soon:)

  • cool maybe give me a call or come on over!

    im using the full version will try runtime and see

  • hey runtime, i got a window!
    lemme see what happens next

  • AWESOME! Very exciting!

  • thanks SO much for your help
    and i'd love to get together with you
    and pick your brains more
    i have a studio right by dodgers stadium

  • Sweet! I will get in touch. So I assume you must be seeing video now. I just wanted to leave you with some video specs for best performance.

    The codec you want to use is either: Motion-Jpeg or photo-jpeg. That's number one thing.

    Resolution and framerates I recommend starting with full res and full fps and work your way down from there.

    I know mine runs pretty smooth at motion jpeg at medium quality 720X486, 30fps, deinterlace source.

    Also make sure you have the latest version, which should be 1.03.

    Good luck! and glad I could help!