Wishing for a 128

  • damn, i want one. of course, thinking of settling for a 64 in a week, but damn. i highly doubt that anyone wants to get rid of their 128 (but if so 7oi at 7oi dot org would like to get some mail about it). i think it's about time to start making these things on a bigger scale (as in quantity, not size).

  • I think the beautiful thing about the whole Monome phenomenon is that they are not produced on a big scale. It only adds to the magic and uniqueness.

  • large scale manufacturing generally (but not always) has undesirable environmental side effects. check the well hidden about page (http://monome.org/about/) for more of what monome's about.

  • well, i'm not talking a huge industrial scale here. well, i guess i'm just upset because i missed the last batch of 128s. i actually like this small scale thing. makes the monome you have that more unique and special. i just don't have one to feel all special about. :(

  • two 64s cant work as one 128, can they?

  • Yes they can. You just spread your music app across both.

  • we haven't figured out official dates yet, but re-runs of all sizes are certainly planned. as soon as the 64 is out the door next week we'll be able to sketch dates.

  • i see... maybe i'll try to get two of those 64s, then... i have a week to think about it. i mean, it's only a $100 more than the 128... or maybe get one and then wait for the 40h kits to pop up... in any case, i've got to get me a monome!

  • the only differance between 2 64's is 2 USB cables, plus of course pricing.

    monome serial, when in osc mode, assigns a device to an OSC prefix. it abstracts away individual devices. you program against a virtual grid on a specific prefix. if you send an LED value outside of the grid, it is ignored. and, since you can offset the device in the grid, one device can receive values between, say, (x/y) 0/0 and 7/7, while another between 15/15 and 1024/256 (those are arbitrary values). monome serial then has a /sys OSC namespace that works on the device level.

    so, if both devices are on the same prefix, you use the Offset facility to shift device num 2 (for 2 64's, side by side, you shift the column by 8, row by 0). this will run identical to a 128 as far as any apps are concerned. i did this with 2 40hs. actually, i mlr is set up to wrok this way already, you just set the number of steps to 16 for each row.

  • excellent! thanks for the info! so i can use as many as i have usb space for, and with the usb hubs today that could be quite many...
    i think i will get one 64 now, then get a kit or two later.