mfl beta / preview

  • there's a post on the max for live beta board saying it's ok to share information about max for live so i thought i'd pass some info along. i've been beta testing it for the past few days and it's amazing.

    i've been working on some monome patches and they're coming along quite well! the max for live environment is incredible for this and i can't wait to really dive into making useful things. so far i've got two devices:

    1) the monome device
    you configure the monome device to talk to monome serial and enter a prefix. the 1-8 selection box is for selecting the program to route press messages to. you can of course map midi controls, keyboard controls, or automate the program selection. see attached screenshot.

    2) the monome test device
    on the monome test device you can select a program number and the prefix it should listen on. when a monome device with a matching prefix receives a press message, it transmits it via 'send'. each monome device receives the send, checks its prefix and program number, and if the prefix matches and the monome device's selected program number matches then the program receives the message and acts on it.

    the great part about this is you can save monome devices within ableton live sets, so your configuration and presets and everything stays contained to one song file. i love the idea that i can create any monome device type--effect, instrument, etc., place it anywhere within ableton, and it will receive monome press messages.

    really amazing stuff, i can't wait to get the real thing.

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  • holy shit. this is really exciting.
    i wonder how many other beta testers out there are making things for the monome.

    plus, this must mean that they are getting close to releasing it (finally).
    can't wait.

  • This is too amazing for words...I don't think I'll be able to sit still until I've got my own copy!

  • well, if we are sharing...

    without access to the the 'true' control surface support, i have a dynamic clip launcher made.

    basically, the clip launcher page of pages that lets you move around the set.

    (no red ring yet)

  • nice griotspeak! i'd love a copy of the patch so i can learn some tricks.

    sounds like the monome community will be more than ready for the release of max for live.