SevenUp Immulator for Midi and Ableton

  • I have created a .als file along with mtPlayer nativeKontrol to make a stepper like SevenUp and it works great.

    I use a APC40h (wink) and it uses MIDI not osc. I thought running a max patch to convert osc to midi was redundant considering MIDI is what Ableton uses. And Ableton is what I use.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew the logic behind how SevenUp can record a clip launch pattern? I want to created a layout that will do that. I just don't understand.

    I can create a resample track and sample the audio real time but I want to see the clips continue to launch in the pattern I choose.

    SevenUp does this and I just can't figure out what kind of messages it's sending to an audio track in Ableton to make this happen.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

    Also if anyone can switch a molar plugin over to use midi instead of Osc would be sweet too. Or maybe just a hint on how to do it my self with max.


  • hey gabriel,

    maybe you can try using the monomulator? though you will have that extra osc conversion stage.



  • I tried it with monomulator but the converting MIDI to OSC and then back to MIDI is just causing a lot of issues.

    There are just a couple functions in the SevenUp APP that the APC40h doesn't have. I am sure a simple Max patch could fix it. I have no clue about Max programming but I am willing to learn.