Please Tell Me What You Think

  • This is a like 30Min + Freestyle with the MONOME 40H.
    I admit that I dont use the Monome very often, more like every once in awhile (Im trying to change that tho).
    Ive had people say Im good, that Im ok, that Im not too bad.
    But Idk cuz these are just my friends.

    "GHR Mini Concert"

    The back ground is a Brain Wave generator,
    and GHR is what I was "ON" Get them creative juices going.

    Tell me what you think
    Ino some of its sketchy, cuz I was messing around with Presets and some suck (I need to make more).
    - Will

  • i think it is cool you were able to jam for that long!!! so far it is kinda banging. so it is like a beat oddysee eh?

  • well, I love the monome cuz you can just freestyle and improvise for ever.
    Once I get a 256 is when Ill hit it hard and basically study/practice/everything on it, cuz Its all you really need (256 buttons is alot)