128step mixup

  • hello,
    just got my 128 and trying out different apps.
    MonomeSerial is having a problem with 128step. Monome only lights up
    and works if i put a Left orientation which turns it into a 40 h (using only
    the bottom part of Monome-in vertical position). I'v read a thread from last
    november dealing with this problem. Any corrective solutions coming
    this way ? I'm on a Mac.
    Also with Mir, is there, maybe, a writen document of sorts that specifies
    functionality of the top row of buttons. I am learning this through trial
    and error.
    Thanks for a patient answer and my blessing to the creators of all this.

  • There's a full help document for mlr availabe from its interface.

    What's the prefix for 128 step? It's not obvious from the program or its docs

  • thanks lorcan,

    i didn't catch that document : just what i needed.
    Prefix for 128step is : step

    Having trouble getting Monome to speak to muon, flin and molar.
    They just won't connect, VST wise or app wise.

    hoping for luck

  • for muon I believe the prefix is either muon or box. For flin the prefix is flin. And molar I'm not sure as I haven't used it yet.

  • Thank you Jacobian,

    a bit of pluging and unpluging usb seems to jolt Monome to life,
    although in vertical position for Flint.
    Behavior on startup is a bit erratic, except with Mir, which works really nice
    and seems to suite my taste.
    It seems that Mac + monomeserial + 128 = some problems with Step and Molar

  • despite its name, 128step was designed for the 256 (it's called 128 step because there are 8 banks of 16 steps, or 128 steps total).

    it's also kindof deprecated, for reasons mentioned in this thread: http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=557

  • I use 128step on my 128. just shift the rows in monomeserial up (5-8). I keep a bit of the presets and patterns visible and use 4 or 5 rows for the sequencer. and use the lower portion of the pattern and presets and work upwards. I really hope someone will polish this app up..It's really nice already though.

  • molar prefix is 256 unless you change it to 128 in the config text file and save it. also make sure that config file is in the vst folder where molar is. also.... set row offset to 8 unless you are using the new 128 specific version.