motion of the ocean?

  • sorry to have missed the final word on this, but was it ever decided if the new 64 will come with an accelerometer pre-installed?


  • i think not.

  • shh, it's a surprise.

  • hmmm from the looks of it: accelerometer built in

    "the 40h/se shown below has a accelerometer which detects tilt. this is a popular hack for the 40h, which is included STANDARD on the sixty four." !!!!

  • i'm slightly jealous about all this (mostly that all you new monome owners will have the accelerometers simply handed to you), but my jealousy is heavily outweighed by the excitement that maybe there will be more development for the accelerometer.

    i've been procrastonating installing mine for a good handful of months.

    hooray for accelerometers!

  • looked/lurked thru old posts on this, but haven't found anything definitive about accelerometer use in 256. anyone done this yet, and is it similar to the 40h install?

  • mapmap asked the same thing,

    i tend to side with asaf on this issue. do you really want to tilt a 256? it's not really playable while hand-held... unless you have huge hands...

  • i think that the 128 w/ an accelerometer would be totally playable...
    i've seen people doing tilt stuff with a macbook's internal sensor and a 128 seems much smaller than that.

    has anyone tried it (or are planning on trying it)?

  • 256 is really not handheld like the 40h. plus, the 2 wires coming out make it less fun to pick up. it is light though.

    the 256 doesn't have the same ADC/Encoder ports afaik. i think Brian said it was something more advanced/less easy to hack. so, for other ADC addons (like knobs), you would also have to drill the wood, which is sad.

  • you could certainly add ADCs for accel ports. you'd need to do a *lot* of hacking with both firmware and circuitry.

    i second the opinion that the 128 and 256 are not tilt-worthy. we designed those as table-top devices. it'd be incredibly difficult to proficiently navigate/operate the full bank of keys while holding the thing up. the 64 will be ideal for tilt, we'll quite excited to play with it.

  • good to know.
    what are some other good uses for the ADC ports?

  • i guess my question was more from idle curiosity than actual zeal. all the same, the 256 is smaller in reality than i imagined it would be (of course my ham-fisted, knuckle-dragging flippers make it seem even more so :o) but the thought of goofing with the tilt function as a performance gesture is kind of appealing- not that it'd be that useful playing-wise, i agree.

    not too into cutting up that nice walnut case though...