80h, designing a USB connection and Power Supply

  • Hi,

    I recently purchased a second 40h Kit, I am wondering is there a way they can be connected together without using two usb connecting into my laptop which only has two usb ports.

    I am wondering does anyone know a bit about USB standards and how they operate. I was planning on building a sort of USB hub which splits the power and data connections.

    I have included a crude drawing of this, sorry but its a quick drawing.


    If someone could help with this or has any ideas please let me know.

  • Hey.

    you should maybe check out the arduinome / machine collective sites.

    I was asking the same question about this. someone there suggested I offset one 40h on monome serial to 0 and the second 40h to 8. (column).

    hope this helps / i'm no expert but it sounds plausible.



    hope this helps

  • Yeah i dont believe you can connect the two um245r in parallel like that.

  • Easiest way is to mount a powered USB hub into the casing of the 80h, which feeds both boards, and has just one USB cable and a power cable exiting the casing.

    Means that you only use up one USB port on the computer.

  • The alternative is to keep two USB cables coming out of your 80h enclosure - then go into a powered USB hub in the outside world (I just got one for about AU$11 incl. postage off ebay - which provides 7 ports) - i.e. don't leave the usb hub in the enclosure

    In the long run - this means you can use it as an 80h using offsets in the Monomeserial - OR two laptops can run your 80h as two 40hs

    I like the idea behind that approach, & its probably what I will eventually do when I make my 2nd arduinome - as My groups live set up involves HEAPs of USB keyboards and DIY'd footswitches - so keeping the connections visible has it's benefits - but its entirely up to you.