troubleshooting logic board

  • my arduinome isn't working at all. my leds are too dim and i see how i could of made the wiring better. so i'm restarting the keypad part with new leds and such. just as a precaution, i want to test my logic board to make sure its working like it should. i have the unsped pcb mounted onto the arduino. is there a sure fire way to see if its all working properly? multimeter tests? should a specific reading come out of a specific spot? i really want to make sure that the unsped pcb is done proper for when i restart the keypad.

    thanks for all the help

  • unless you have a load of LEDs lying around, I wouldn't go swapping them all out yet.

    What I would guess is that you have some of the wiring between the button board and the logic PCB incorrect, i.e. your IDC cables (the one with 16 pin connectors at each end) are probably on the wrong way round.

    Take a look at some of the build logs here:

    to get an idea of which way to orient those cables. This might not be your issue, although it is a common one, so do come back and ask if you still have problems after trying to sort this bit out.

  • yeah, turns out that was kind of the problem. now buttons trigger FULL columns. which is a pretty big improvement. i remember reading that that was a common issue. only a few lights seemingly work and the ones that are on can't be turned off.