New Monome Meet Video

  • Just stumbled across this. Brad new. Pretty cool performance.

    Monome in an etch a sketch!

    I'm somebody on this board was there?

  • yep!

    i think that's chili?

    great performance and great enclosure.

  • chili!!!! hellz yeah!

  • this kind of stuff needs to get added to the vimeo group. anyone know who that youtube user is? ticcthesoulrebel?

  • i think it might be ethan... he had the whole thing taped on his camera but i'm not really sure. he told me he'd drop me a line when everything was uploaded.

  • that video is actually already on the group page....

    thomas piper = ticcthesoulrebel?

  • ohh cool! so then, ethan's videos aren't up yet! there certainly was a lot of documentation going on, huh?

  • guilty as charged ;)

  • shit, the meet looked really cool, if i wasn't on the opposite side of the atlantic i defo would have been there.

  • nice performance.