pages sequencer issue with ableton live 7

  • Hi i'm trying to use pages.
    I manage to use the ableton cliplauncher.

    Now i'm trying to use the sequencer.

    It seems synced the midi notes pass by the IAC driver 3

    I manage to use them as remote midi signal but i can figure out how to use them as an input track informations.

    I put the switch on on this input and still no midi signal on the track.I chose all input and the IAC 3 with all channel.

    On the upper-right in ableton i can see the midi informations coming cause the light blink everytime a midi note is sent by the stepsequencer.

    I used a midi monitor to verify and it shows all the midi notes the sequencer send.

    So i don't have any ideas on how to fix that where the problem.

    Is anybody experincing the same problem ? And did you find any solutions?
    I think ableton live must have some issues with the IAC driver

  • hm, definitely sounds like an ableton config issue.

    i guess check the basics first? make sure the input has [Track] enabled, make sure it's selected on a midi track as the input device, make sure record enable is on :)

  • Thanks for your help.

    I checked the midi config a dozens of time.

    The track and remote option was set to on for all the IAC midi channel except for the second and the first one(i understood there are used to sync ableton and the java application)

    Here's the funny(funky?)part I let my computer(i'm a developper and i couldn't accept suchan understandable problem like this one) and it got in sleep mode and without any manipulation from me and when i awaked it the midi was received by ableton.

    First time a solution come up like that. Therefore i assume live 7 has a bug for some reasons with the IAC driver.
    I now manage to make pages work in midi sequence mode.

    There are four mode i need for my sets:

    sequencer(electronic drum and toggle effects)
    clip launcher
    clip skipper (sample based drumloops and others)
    midi keyboard(it would be cool to have a kind of polygome or a kind of harmonic table)

    Now my big problem is the clip skipper. i can't figure out how it works cause i can press any button, it doesn't have any effect on ableton even thought there are some audio and midi clip in the session.

    I manage to use Ableton Clip Launcher so i guess that the OSC communication has been established between the two.
    I really willing to use page for my sets, it seems to be the one that offer the most for the monome in adequation with Live( maybe it's gonna change with max4live).

  • very strange! glad it's working for you now.

    do you have midi clock coming in to pages from ableton?

    also i don't think the clip skipper ever worked on OSX / live 7. the only configuration i've ever had it work well on was windows / live 7, but even then it falls off after about 5 mins. feel free to experiment and whatnot, but i probably won't be able to help fix any problem you have with it...

    i would recommend substituting mlr for the clip skipper page via an external application page. just use that rewired into ableton and you'll save a lot of headaches trying to get the skipper to work right (there's some technical reasons it won't work right and can't really be fixed unfortunately--i'm waiting for mfl for this functionality myself, spent too much time trying to get this to work properly and it just won't).