mlrv for live recording/manipulating

  • Hello, i´d like to use mlrv as a live recording/arranging tool, something like an advanced looper.

    that´s where my problem is.

    I can´get a stright loop recorded, the recording is always too late or to early, i tried it for hours but i just didn´t get it right. I have lowered my motus latency as far as my cpu allows but still no luck.

    is there any version out there which allows a "record on next downbeat" and eventually feaures something like delay for recording, so i could start record and the beat will fit perfect like a glove?

    i realize that there are some folks who seem to work this way, any tipps are very welcome.

    thanks, hr

  • Try one of the aes edits. They have a way to set the 1, then trigger recording for a defined time prior to that (one bar, for example).

    I always had the best luck on the regular mlr versions by triggering "go" on the and-of-4...