traknome - monome loves traktor pro


    traknome beta is operational.
    still a ways to go before completion but wanted to share my progress so far.
    see the vimeo page for a bit of a description of it's operation.


  • didn't know what traktor is about, but that app look promising!

    edit: and i love bob log III too :)

  • sweet! cant wait to try this out.

  • Great work. Can you say something about how you're getting state data from traktor to the monome?

  • thanks for the kind words guys!

    @Alrick i dig bob log III too. his recent set in london was a simultaneous laugh & piss yourself affair (@everyone else see my vimeo feed for a filmed excerpt)


    first, we need to establish communication between the monome & traktor software:

    - set to midi mode in the i/o protocol dropdown
    - input device = maple midi in port 1 (a virtual midi cable)
    - input channel = 4
    - output device = maple midi out port 4
    - output channel = 4

    - enter the 'controller manager' via the 'file' menu
    - select 'generic midi' under the 'add' tab
    - in port = maple midi port 4
    - out port = maple midi port 1

    (this is the flip of what we have in mononeserial and essentially a 2 x 2-wire connection for simultaneous communication)

    now we can send state data to the monome:

    - in the traktor controller manager select "add > transport > play/pause"
    - press the 'learn' button
    - now press a button on the monome
    - in the traktor controller manager select "add out > transport > play/pause"
    - beside the 'learn' button is a pull down that will appear as 'n/a'
    - press this and select the midi channel and note that was learnt from the monome button press

    now repeat this 256 times! ;)


  • hook up that patch!!!

  • > now repeat this 256 times! ;)

    I was sort of hoping you would give us your Traktor MIDI prefs file at least. =)

  • @kid_sputnik funny guy :P

    i'll definitely be sharing.

    due to some weekend commitments (and a sun-filled Sunday!) i haven't gotten as much done as I would have liked.

    still to do:
    - looping controls (this is pretty straightforward)
    - sync/master buttons, library browsing, track loading (this is really easy to implement and i have a spot set out for these controls)

    the transport / eq / gain controls and VU metering is all done aside from a few workflow enhancements that will involve some modifier (macro) button shortcuts (ie reset, all cut for the EQ of each deck)

    i'm also planning to have some modifiers for the FX to allow a sudden, temporary spray of FX by only holding down 2 or 3 buttons


    this really is turning into a predominantly '256 only' application.
    but, due to the tiny working window and enormity of in-outs & mappings, I've split the preference files into logical areas:

    - FX
    - EQ
    - Transport
    - Volume & Gain Controls

    this will allow anyone wishing to make heads or tales an easier time discerning how i've put it all together. more importantly, this has allowed ME an easier time figuring how i've put it together! ;)

    i might whip up a bit of documentation tonight in illustrator. then i can post of what is working tomorrow for you guys to check out.

    ok, enough rambly bits.

  • traknome v0.9 files have been uploaded along with a quick graphical button map

    feedback is welcomed.

  • siiiiiiiiik

  • SICK is right! THANKS!

  • thanks guys!

    i've been jamming a little bit (in between work projects) to determine playbility.
    jotted a few notes down in how to improve a few things; which will be incorporated into the next revision (possibly to come out at the end of the month)

    admittedly, having a project that only involves the 256 with the additional necessity of owning Traktor severely limits the user base. the original & foremost intention was to develop something that i would find useful. i'm pleased that at least a few of the people here on the forum also find it of use.

    as always, i'm more than happy to share my progress as traknome develops.

  • Hi JP
    I have used your FX template to map out an fx template for a 64 in case anyone is interested who does not have a 256.
    It includes a layout as well, at the mo there are a couple of free buttons and I have not worked out how to get LED feedback on the "in" and "dec" for the FX.
    I may well use your other templates to make cut down versions for 64 owners.
    Its not been tested yet, everything just placed in the most logical places at the time .
    Cheers Mate


  • by the way Traktor midi mapping... how annoying can it be???!!!!!

  • duhh. does this work with traktor scratch pro? i dont see anything happenig. and which TSI file do i import into traktor there is 6 !

  • Hi guys, did someone tried to configure it with Serato Scratch Live??
    Does it works??

  • pooks

    checked out your layout on my 64 with traktor scratch pro and it works great!

    awesome man! if you can do something with the 128 that would be outstanding! been fumbling with this for days! now i'm going to dig into your tsi and see what's going on.

    great job!

  • sweeeeeet! didn't knwo this was out until now! gonna get right on this! cheers bro!

  • wondering if there is any documentation out there on how to get VU and other stuff working on my monome.. trying to make a custom map for my 128

  • Are the looping mode, and revisions you mentioned still in progress? This app rocks.

  • this is awesome... i'm making a 128+64 version if anyone is interested. cheers!

  • 128 version would answer my prayers!

  • i started throwing together a quick traktor patch in max last night. lots of fun!!
    it follows a similar layout to dj64 which is what im used to ;)

  • sounds top mr mouse! would that patch involve sending/converting the functions that you wanna use into MIDI via IAC or Yoke into Traktor?
    just out of interest man....
    I've been leatherin Pd man, some reason I find it easier than max even tho it's sooo similar? weird

    anyway not to change a thread! 64 version of this would be top! maybe with a few pages so many functions can be included!

  • yeah scrubber, it uses jdrake's monomecontrol objects so you have sliders etc which send midi commands.
    i haven't used traktor much but it seems like a solid program! if you fancy helping out with the set up then let me know!

  • tested my traknome 128 version over the weekend... a many-hour set... with dj's cowboy mike, victor dinaire and matt cerf in attendance... no pressure, haha.

    making minor tweaks tonight and releasing it to y'all soon.

  • hey guys, i posted a really crappy video showing a preview of my 128 version of traknome.

    i'll try to have the button layout up today and the files released soon.

    let me know what you think!

  • button layout for the 128 version is here:

    there are a couple of free banks that i'm still working on functionality for. stay tuned.

  • This is really awesome! looking forward to its release!

  • i've uploaded a version 0.9 of my threat display edit of traknome for the 128.

    you can check it out here:

    i'm working on getting a better video out but this will have to do for now.

    let me know if you have questions.


    p.s. can someone do me a favor and add it to the traknome app page?

  • just release an initial draft of my max/msp midi traktor patch.

  • Can someone, please, help me out?

    First, sorry for being a noob.

    I'm mapping my monome on traktor only by setting it as midi mode in monomeserial and assigning one button at a time.

    The mapping was successful but I can't get the buttons to light up. Can anybody tell me how to do that without having to use max/msp? MonomeSerial is already set as both In and Out-Ports.


  • Bear with me as I'm tpjng on my phone and pulling the info from memory. You need to assign an out to the relevent midi trigger in Tractor. So if you want the play button to be illuminated create another midi mapping to the play button and assign it to the same buton that triggers play on the monome but set it to out instead of button or slider the default of which is led then play with the various values below that to get whether or not the light is lit when the button is pressed or when it's no pressed.... Clear as mud? ;)
    load up the tsi for traktor in my 64 mapping Earlier in the thread and it should show you some midi setting that are showing as outs led. That's the easiest way to see it.
    If your still confused let me know and I will do more of a step by step when I'm infront of traktor.

  • does anyone have an idea as to how i could use this with serialosc? i have a spring 2011 walnut and it does not run with monomeserial.

  • @AwayMessage

    Download MonomeBase 4.5. Then, launch monome_midi_*yourmodel*.maxpat in Monome Base4.5>apps folder.

    Now, connect the device via serialosc, put your virtual midi cables and make sure that the input have other chanel other than chanel 1, 'cause if you select chanel one on both, your leds will light up when you press them and freakout when you want them to light up, acording with traktor.

    Proceed with the mapping on traktor. Cheers

  • thanks for the reply. there is no monome_midi_256 patch.

  • run pages 2 and use serialosc to attach to monome.

    try external page with the name and ports of traknome

  • Got a gs128 in/out ports all set up but when importing the.tsifile i dont see anymappings in the mappings display and no lef feedback..any thoughts?

  • Anyone ever go anywhere with traktor and monome interaction at all. Any serialosc interaction/versions?

  • @fluxsta - I asked in the following post but haven't had any luck getting a256 version yet


  • Just finally put morals to one side and realised that vinyl is still number 1, however my dj'ing has to enter the 21st century. Just saw your thread, so here's hoping. Saw you know @dean so just a heads up also to say hi and I also still use that emu midi patch he made me so thanks :-)
    Gonna attempt to utilise grid tomorrow some how as well as my leap motion but a 256 serialosc patch to integrate into traktor would be great. Just learning traktor

  • @fluxsta: Yeah me n dean live in same city with 256's too bud and hoping to catch him soon

    i had the leap motion too but found it a wee bit iffy with midi and sold it on

    traktor is great and i've used it for years before serato was king

    hope your gig goes well


  • @spqr6510

    Thanks mate. Didn't get around to trying out leap motion today but Geco seems like a good patch