disassembling a sixty-four

  • hi all,

    been lurking for a while, but this is my first post.. hi :D

    first - awesome product.. love the concept, the minimalist aesthetic, and the vibrant community surrounding it.. well done!

    i am planning on purchasing a sixty four on friday. obviously, these machines are built with hacking in mind, so i'm sure this has been taken into consideration, but i was curious how easy it is to take apart for modifications, etc. my plan is to pick up a sixty four, and if i love it as much as i think i will, pick up an additional kit and turn it into a 128 (which is the ideal form factor for me).

    any clues as to the physical construction/deconstruction of the sixty four would be much appreciated!


    - dc

  • The kits (40h) and 64 have different sized buttons. You can link them together for 128 still.
    The 128 is my ideal shape also.

  • really? :(

    hrm... that certainly throws a wrench into my otherwise perfect plan!

    - dc

  • http://monome.org/data/tech/disassembly

    just buy two 64's and screw them together ;)

    bus-powered 128.

  • thanks for the documentation, tehn! :)

    my idea was to not have to spend too much money until i was sure the device fit my workflow..

    perhaps i'll just buy one sixty four, to be sold upon the next run of the 128s.

    thanks again all :)

    - dc

  • You'll be surprised at how much you can do with 64 buttons. I still use my 40h on the go since its buss powered.

  • oh of course.. i'm not worried about it falling short in the usability department at all.

    over the last year or so as i've watched the monome project evolve, i've developed an idea for which the 128 would be perfect..

    but yes, i am sure i will be thrilled with the 64 :)

    - dc