Post your 64 step tips and tricks

  • Step users unite and feel free to post any of your findings that are not addressed in the documentation files....

    So just started diving into this great monome app. Tehn and Peter provided us with this app, so us users should get some nice documentation going.Wanted to start a tips and tricks thread for it and add to the available documentation. Everything here helps, so dont be afraid! Especially tutorial videos ( hello T1mp ! ) Ill add mine as soon as i get a bit more comfy with step...


  • i haven't touched step yet, but I will try to dive into it!!! it looks really awesome! :) after I finish up a couple songs i'll dive into step and make a tutorial vid... :)

  • hey whats the prefix for step?

  • i think it's just /step
    it seems to act a little odd on the 128... not sure how to get it to change from the step sequencing to pattern sequencing.

  • Prefix is /box for me over here. Does it work with /step prefix for you mapmap? That might explain why it's acting strange, or not at all. Haven't played with it too much yet, but if you have the 128 set to top orientation 64 step will span the left half of the 128. So just pretend you have a 40h. To switch from step sequencing to pattern sequencing you want to hit the space bar, or manually toggle the steps/pattern button which is two left of the dac. Hope that helps, now go make some beats!

  • /box eh?...

    i get nothing when i use /box. what version are you using? i've been using _128step with the prefix /step. i can edit the pattern sequencer and with the rows set to 8 i can edit the step sequencer....
    but the lights won't update between changing views.

  • so i keep getting error, cannot open sample...why?


    ok so i load sounds
    my audio is correct in the settings
    i am getting the lights and such on the monome
    i press buttons for the sound to be triggered


    no sound

    wtf am i doing wrong?

  • after you entered the sounds, where you able to preview them with you keyboard, keys a through j? Press a on the keyboard and it should play you back the first sample. If not my only suggestion might be to change the audio format to .wav or use smaller sample sizes. Hopefully that should fix it, because otherwise I have no idea. Hope that helps!

  • i am using wavs and they are 64k in size. :(

    i am getting the same errors with flip...i am officially frustrated