pro tools help!!!

  • i am not very fluent speaking pro tools so please bear with me ;)

    lets say i put my play marker at 10 secs and i push play; when i stop it (lets say 20 secs), the marker moves where i stopped it at(20 secs.). i don't want the marker to move, i always want it at 10 secs unless i purposely move the marker myself.

    anyone know how to solve this little issue?

  • its in the operations menu i think. Timeline follows edit insertion. i cant remember exactly, but its in there.

  • yes, in pt 7:
    setup > preferences > operation

    shortcut is just the key N

    but bear in mind that this only works if your edit window has keyboard shortcut focus (little a...z button)

    i think pt 8 has a button for this preference somewhere a bit more sensible

  • THANKS A BUNCH, guys!!! now i can flow through my final for my mastering class which is due @ 1pm PST lol

  • what school?

  • long beach city college