Flying Lotus selling his monome

  • Tis sad but true, Flying Lotus is selling his monome 64

    It's up on ebay:

    > hey folks. I'm sure you already know about this great piece of gear.
    > . I used this only a couple times at some of my favorite
    > gigs. Mine is in perfect condition except I signed the back :)
    > Good luck! - Flying lotus

  • That's a shame, but he'll making amazing music with or without.

  • I even offered to write him a custom patch....

  • yeah that is too bad. I wonder how high the bids will go...

  • probably a milli

  • say it ain't so :( regardless, keep bangin' the dope beats. cheers.

  • must've bought a 256...

  • He mentioned on his myspace page:

    >Buying a Wurlitzer 200a

  • dam sold for 1125.

  • jeez...

    at least i got to see it in action once.

    he used livestep to sequence drums at daedelus' record release party for Love to Make Music To.

    i talked to the guys from Jogger, who said they are pretty sure its the only time he ever played with it live. although on eBay he says "shows"...

  • wow...

  • I'm curious to see if the person who bought it would actually use it...wouldn't make much sense either way really.