Tilt Control Dissusion (Old 40h's)

  • How much do they usually sell for,
    Because Im seeing 64s come with a BUILT IN Accel thingy :P.

    + There only 400 bucks,
    when the 40h was 500-520.

    Im thinking about selling then rebuying for a 64, But I still havnt got to use the new buttons.

    But, I mean a built in Acc.
    thats drilling into my head lol

  • >"But, I mean a built in Acc.
    thats drilling into my head lol"

    ...me too!

  • a built in drill..thats accelererometering my head.
    dunno if i can hold out for the kits 3rd comming, might have to grab a six fo...

  • I mean itll be a deal breaker if tehn some how incorperates tilt into MLR3 (or higher)

    Cuz I mean think about it.
    a 64 could be a 256
    WITH THE TILTING you could tilt to different quadrants

  • tilting quadrants seems cool...

  • Tilt it different directions to change patches...drool.

  • yea that would just be insane...but so awesome.

  • Dang, Changing patches, Quadrants.
    Pitch, Speed, Tempo.
    I think that thing can be used for way more then people expect

  • accelerometers are around $35 on sparkfun, maybe cheaper on jameco, maybe more, i haven't checked.

    if you still haven't figured this out by the middle of march, let me know. i would be willing to install one in your 40h for a small fee. i'd offer to do it now, but i'm at school from noon until questionable hours of the morning 5 days a week working on robots.

  • hi,
    i want to install a tilt sensor on my old 40h.
    The sensor indicated in this page


    is out of stock! so,
    could this one be an alternative?