USB qwerty keyboard foot switch controller patch for midi ,liveosc & keyboard commands

  • hey , here's a patch that I made for a usb qwerty keyboard style foot controller in Max.

    might be handy for others to edit and customize their own..

    it works without having the max/msp window selected also which is handy.

    for my setup it sends some midi, some live osc (via edited pages liveosc)
    and some keyboard commands (via aka.keyboard external)

    the aka.keyboard is OSX only i believe.. but theres probably one out there for windows/linux..

    BEWARE: one commands it uses is 'select all, delete' for the top left control. so be careful not to delete the whole patch when editing. or delete stuff off your hard drive.

    the liveosc messages i use in ableton with it are:

    trigger last triggered cell.
    trigger cell below that
    or cell above that
    cell left
    cell right

    and I use standard midi for the Live Looper effect.

    hopefully this helps some people.

    i took some of the code from a post on the cycling 74 forums but i don't know where. so if it's your code thanks. i'll try and find it again and put in some credit to you :)

    heres some pic's of the foot controller I built..

  • wow thanks for sharing ! will try to modify your file to match with my keyboard footswitch!

  • "it works without having the max/msp window selected also which is handy."
    How do you do to make that ?

  • think it's the 'hi' object with 'poll 10' message going into it. query's every 10 ms..

    I'm in the chat right now if wanna discuss..

  • Thanks, I think I gave a try with the "key" object or something like this, and it was loosing connection when in the background.

  • i'd got some wood i'd salvaged and bits ready to build myself a footswitch controller after looking for a suitable metal box to cannabalise.

    i'm going to abandon that for your genius idea for a baking tray housing, that is awesome!

    once i've built it, i'll give your patch a try, thanks for sharing it all!

  • @stevieraysean: Very nice project. What are those switches you used formally called? I'm looking to get together parts for my own arduino-based osc controller I'm designing, but have no idea where to get those foot switches!


  • cool guy's, glad yas like it.

    if anyone has any idea about an aka.keyboard sollution for windows/linux put it up too... hate to leave people out..

    not even sure if the hi object works for those os either..

    @goldfish_memory i found mine in a hardware store, funny. was the closest thing I could find and ended up being perfect..

    other options i was gonna go for would be some sorta fishing tackle box. but i think most of them are plastic..

    brownie tin's is the shiz..

  • looks like java robot class can do it..

    i'm no java monkey though...

  • I can't wait to have enough free time to try this out.

  • this is nasty!

    could you just use a normal usb qwerty keyboard, throw it under my desk, and assign quadrants of like 4x3 keyboard keys, and use as pedals? if thats what this is, awesome. if not, that would be awesome.

  • yeah you could do that.

    or you can just pop all the keys you don't use off with a ruler and glue some coasters to the ones you do use..

  • cool!

    thanks for sharing the patch, - sounds like it has a nice simplicity to it when set up. way useful.

    attached is a qwerty foot stomp I made for sooperlooper.
    -soldering not required ( having drunk a few bottles of red helps. )

    Works ok. little cut out squares of foam-tile rest under the front row and give a good response. Its easy to access the second row without triggering the first in part due to the bevel that separates them.
    also somewhat rough around the edges.. ( more so even )

    adopting a z x c v b m , . / etc.. seems like the only option for runtime folks yeah..? please correct me if I'm wrong.
    -less there's any max gurus willing / able to weave in a key select... ?

    795 x 275 - 73K
  • I can try wrangle in a key select.. maybe a save too.

  • i'm in the process of trying to make myself one of these keyboard stompers...

    i thought it would be neat to have an led corresponding with each stomp to visually show me what's goin on wit my pedal in case i forget....and cuz it'll look mo betta

    i was gonna just have a battery control the leds temporarily if i couldnt figure out how to hookup the leds to the usb power somehow...

    how difficult would it be to mod a keyboard so that every key pressed also turns on an led ?

  • Might not be in the spirit of the thread, but I just got one of these in the mail, and I love it already $50 for a 3 button footpedal, thing I love, it's built like a tank. Take that as an unpaid celebrity endorsement.

  • saw those. look pretty damn solid..

    probably would get one if i hadn't gotten my hands on a brownie tin :)

  • @ JP

    That is exactly what I need. Thanks!

  • awesome! and i was just about to destroy a brownie pan :P

  • Note for anyone who buys one, also order from somewhere a HUGE usb cable.

    I have mine hooked up to a 12 foot monster now and it works, but I had to go hunting for it, as every other usb cable I had laying around was useless once I wanted something to go onto the floor and halfway across the cave.

    But now I can trigger looper in ableton from anywhere I have keyboards or other silliness laying.

  • so is that editor just to program which values are sent out of the three switches? as in, after you set the values you close it, right?

  • Not sure, I haven't needed to use the application, I suspect it's more advanced than that and needs to be kept open. I think you can setup midi sequence sets. So press one X midi next press Y midi, etc.

    As of yet, I just used the midi learn in ableton, it just does midi OOTB.

  • i made one of these as well and forgot to share... i decided to call it 'stompopotamus'

    i am new to this type of electronic stuff, so it has been a bumpy road just to finish stompopotamus. the leds are powered by battery but eventually i want to figure out how to power them via usb... any suggestions?

  • update!

    now called keything

    completely re-programable/save-able

    save over default for settings to stay on load