monome 40h in TapeOp

  • So I was sitting in my computer architecture class, about to fall asleep, when I decided, "Hey, there's a TapeOp in my backpack that I haven't read yet. Why don't I read it?"

    So I read about and the Josephson C700A (which looks fucking awesome), and then what do I see? None other than the monome 40h in the gear reviews!

    Turns out this was the article that ultra was saying he was writing, and it turned out pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

    One of my cohorts in IEEE (who has definitely seen my 256) was sitting behind me, so I got to share some silent excitement. "Dude! I had no idea this was in here until just now!"

    He was pretty stoked too.

    I also think it's pretty cool that there are monome folks into TapeOp. If you haven't heard of it, I'd highly suggest getting a subscription, which is FREE if you don't mind getting BSW catalogs every now and then. I find it to be a pretty good trade.

    Cheers, ultra & monome!

  • free if you live in the US... costs like $40 to get in canada :(

    i'd love to read the article!


  • ah, tapeop. the only thing coming thru the mail slot these days that gets read *cover to cover* on the first pass :o) i too was stoked to see the monome gear review- a convergence of two of my favorite things!