app: tone_clock

  • heres a little look at my new keyboard type monome app based on Peter Schat's tone clock composition method.

    it's not quite ready yet.. still need to key in a heap more of the combinations..

    can be used to make very open sounding cyclic progressions..

  • Very interesting!

  • I should probably mention what the controls do

    you basically set two intervals on the sides, they should be different intervals. at the top and bottom there are three unlit buttons. at the moment the middle of the three does nothing. either side of the middle button steers the intervals through the clock clockwise or anti-clockwise.

    the middle 6x6 keyboard reads horizontally: root note, interval one, interval two. this is repeated on the next three rows with an octave offset set

    vertical movement is in octaves.

    iam probably going to make it so you can disconnect the right side keyboard from the steering so you can choose one steering and play it over the top of the rotating clock. should make for interesting harmony's.

  • I like it!

  • Here it is. it's not perfect but it's pretty good for now....

    check the info.pdf for the button template.

    2 keyboards in the middle are configurable on the gui.

    2 pattern recorders and a tap tempo (need to add sync)

    (most) combinations of the intervals you pick around the sides can be steered 3 times then back to the original notes..

    the keyboard columns go: root note, 1st interval, 2nd interval.. and should be lowest to highest..

    I kind of lost momentum with this so I thought if i put it out there people might get into it and i'd develop it more...

  • hi, i just played around with it and like it a lot, interesting harmonies are built very fast, cool!

    any chance to midisync this app?, would be cool, i suck in playing in time to blinking lights.

    will play further right now, cheers and thanks.

  • thanks

    I'll look into adding midi sync in the next few days. also need to fix up a couple of hours (interval combinations) that sound a bit funny...

    I wanna make a maxforlive version when i get that too..

    one thing i like about it is you can make a sequence and then change the intervals while you steer it. sends you through some weird tonal ranges..

    pretty good for doing soundtrack kinda stuff too...

  • i´d lie if i´d say i know what i´m doing yet, but it sounds great. :)

    m4l and midisync sounds great.


    go go go!

  • wiki wikeed..


  • Great app! Very inspiring. Thank you keep up the good work!... Btw I do appreciate a nice layout presentation in max as you've done.

  • Good stuff - having fun with this!

    I find that every once in awhile a note sticks. If i tap the button it releases.

  • This is really useful!

    Thanks a lot for putting this up here.

  • @watson notes tend to stick if not released before the patterns start looping.

    they used to with the steering buttons. i'll double check that i fixed them all properly.

    maybe i could add a quick 'all notes off' message to the pattern recorder ends or something..

    @everyone thanks for all the kind words. i'm working on a few new bits for this.

  • Perhaps you could use the unused button between the interval steering buttons (clockwise or counter clockwise) as a kind of panic button that would turn off all notes. I was getting the same behavior watson mentionned every once and a while as well...