keyboard controller

  • The time has come to get a new midi keyboard, and I am looking for some recommendations.

    I used to use an ESQ-1 as a midi keyboard, but it recently broke down.

    Something with 4+ octaves, weighted keys, and some knobs/faders/buttons. There's a lot out there.


  • i have the first generation of this... hawt.

    EDIT: sorry, 88es is the one i have.

  • Are the new novation controllers any good?

  • I just ordered a 61es

    because I wanted semi weighted full size, with as few knobs as possible, I'm going to mount it under my desk in a draw.

    I have knob boxes all over my desk so I didn't want more.

    For value for money it was unbeatable and although m-audio has a lower quality impression in the market, I've personally never had an issue.

    That pro88 looks very nice, hammer action would be lovely.

  • i have an m-audio axiom 25, pretty solid, been through the whole gigging process and still works a charm. drum pads have a nice feel and it was cheap.