led mcd level for 40h/64

  • I've seen a few posts regarding led mcd level. What is the actual mcd and color of the actual 64 and 40h?

    Anyone know or know where I can find out??


  • the 64/128/256 are about 150mcd though it's a deceiving measurement-- in my experience you can't trust it (we tested several dozen white LEDs for the grayscale series, and perceived brightness seemingly doesn't follow mcd levels...)

    i'd go for 300-1000 if you can find something. higher might be too much.

  • thanks tehn..

    wow...I can't find anything in that mcd range.
    everything I've seen is in the thousands...

    I'm looking for some warm white color or dull amber.

    Anyone have any thoughts about suppliers that sell in this range?