Mastering Engineers

  • I'm finishing up a project and after an attempt at "MIY" I'm realizing why people always warn against mastering yourself. I've gotten a few recommendations for engineers, but wanted to survey the monome community for their experience with mastering.

  • the stuff i've had professionally mastered has mostly been done by twerk at and i've always been pleased with the results.

    here's a comp we had mastered by him recently:

    highly recommended.

  • john and jj golden are pretty swell. ( i've had them master for mp3 and for vinyl and was pleased with the results of both.

    i've also heard good things about chicago mastering service, but they're all the way in chicago

  • also, abbey road is doing a new online mastering thing..

    may be worth checking out.

  • I've had great results from both:
    Panic Studios:
    and Melograf:

    Heard good things about Twerk too.

  • ive been looking for a place for mastering myself actually, what are prices like?

  • Thanks doods!
    Kevin, how was the service at golden? Their experience is top notch, but I get the impression from their website that they might not be very flexible. Did they take time to get input from you about your project?
    I was leaning toward Mike Wells mastering in SF, but will definitely take a closer look at all of these suggestions.

  • what do you mean by flexible?

    i think i told them the general style and some similar artists for reference, but we didn't really have a detailed discussion about it. i had two main goals with getting that EP mastered. one, i wanted mp3s that sounded good in adverse environments (cars, laptop speakers, etc), and two, i was pressing an LP, so someone had to cut the lacquer.

    dunno if that really answers your question...

  • I've mastered a few albums now! bit of a dark art!

  • I've been working with Ed at RFI here in Seattle for years. Both he and Rick are great, and they have a nice room with tons of experience. It's been mostly live acts, but I did do a dance mix with them that came out great, at least good enough for Ninja Tune!

    I've never used Panic but I've heard some good things about them.

    Also in Seattle is Masterworks. Again, I have no personal experience, and I've heard it has it's quirks but that Barry Corliss really knows his room and makes it sound great.

    Some friends are telling me to try out JJ Golden as well, but I'm just so used to being in the room that I haven't been able to bring myself to send the tracks away.

  • @Phortran

    I've been sitting in this little hipster coffee shop listening to Sunday on the IVDT website. Very nice stuff, sir. I raise my little hipster coffee mug in your regard :)

  • ha! that's an old one ;) thanks!!

  • @Kevin, my mistake. I must have been thinking of a different facility. I was recalling a site that had all these "rules" about how the mastering session should go. That type of thing always raises flags for me. I just checked again though, must have been a completely different site.

    Phortran, I enjoyed the comp as well.

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  • Why you shouldn't master?

  • I'm still all about Phortran's Sunday.

  • For anyone who hasn't run across them, tarekith's done wondres with master and eq tutorials over the years

    here's a blogpost that links to his works...

  • and a bump for Tarekith's mastering skills as well. when I released my first EP I wanted it to be an end to end DIY affair, but I realized I was more interesting in making noises than adding yet another level of work, complication, and stress to the music process (I only now understand what a compressor does. . .and am still too scurrd to use one).

    so I worked with Tarekith to finalize and master the EP and I was really really happy with the results (and the price!).


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    however, if someone would be interested in getting their stuff master i'm practicing i would be glad to help out.

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