FS: Korg Radias, Lexicon LAMBDA, and Behringer XENYX 1622FX

  • Hi guys. Figured I'd throw this up here in case anyone might be interested. I'm looking to sell or trade my synth, audio interface, and mixer off. They're less than a year old and look and work like new. Here's some pics:


    I can take a pic of the audio interface if anyone wants, I've just never really had a reason to haha.

    I'm intending to go the soft-synth route and just kind of make my setup more minimal. If anyone is interested just shoot me an email at rratleph AT me DOT com. As far as trades go, I've been looking for a 256 for some time now so if anyone wanted to part with one we could try to work something out.

  • how much is the radius

  • I'd like to get at least $800 for it.