max4live - dj64 effects

  • just copied the dj64 effects into a max4live match. kinda fun to mess with.
    seeing as the betas running out i prolly won't be able to update this for a while but other people might wanna mess with it :)

    use the master one first. then add the others to tracks.

    the bottom row is used to switch between up to 8 instances of djfx. left to right in the order you create them.

    set ports after you have added them all.

    prefix /dj

  • Why don't you add dj64 under the maxforlive section in the wiki?

  • I want video! :)

  • i'll try get one out tonight..

    only 14 hours of beta left for me :\

    saving my pennies..

  • someone else will have to make a video my m4l beta expired and i can't buy it right away...

  • try setting your system clock back to yesterday.. that worked to keep previous versions of the beta active.

  • I really think that dj64fx is a wonderfull app – nice sounding effects and killer interface...

    Here are some features that I think would make it even better:

    1. The master/slave architecture is really cool and I like that you can switch between different instances on the bottom row... One thing that would really step this feature up was if you were able to select more than one instance at once and so effect more than one track at once.

    2. It would also be hella cool if the effects could be automated in live.

    I really think there is a lot of potential in this app, and I wan't to try and open it up a bit myself and see if I can figure it out... But I'm not a very skilled programmer, so don't expect much from me :-)

  • nice ideas 7anu5.

    i've often though that there should be some visible changable parameters in live. shouldn't be very hard to implement.

    i really like the idea of being able to do multiple one at once.

    though you can alway throw one of the slaves in a send channel and or on the master output channel and get it that way

  • "though you can alway throw one of the slaves in a send channel and or on the master output channel and get it that way"

    Sure you could, but that would be a many to one control, instead of the one to many kind of control you would get with my idea... The good thing about the latter is that it is a very flexible system productionwise because you can do the same thing with more channels, but still edit the effects independently afterwards... Also send effects doesn't immediately do good with the kind of effects in dj64fx since they need to be like insert effects.

  • true...

    maybe i should change the slider to a bunch of toggle buttons then?

  • "maybe i should change the slider to a bunch of toggle buttons then?"

    Is it really that easy? That sounds great!

    "I've often though that there should be some visible changable parameters in live. shouldn't be very hard to implement."

    Also it sounds like automation isn't that hard to implement – that would also be amazing! I think that dj64fx, apart from being great for live performance, could be a fun and cool production tool, but it requires that you can record (i.e. automate) what you do with it in live...

    Another thing I wanted to say is that the latest distribution doesn't seem to be frozen and so is dependent on external files, which is not a good thing I believe... I think for instance there was a lot of problems initially in this respect with the mlr m4l app.

  • yep need to get this one fixed up. was a quick and very crude port :)

    I just kinda assumed it worked like max patches. didn't know about freezing..

    also i think some of the 'scratching' effect doesn't work and it should.
    will work on it soon..

  • Nice – looking forward to it :-) I'm sorry I can only help with testing, cheering and ideas... I never was much of a code wiz kinda guy.

    But your port definately got potential imo... ( Cheering:-) )

  • i'm not really able to get this to work well for me. video would be amazin.

  • okay. i'll try and tidy the patch up today. add the toggle buttons for outputs and bust out a video...

  • woohoo – exciting!

  • new version on the wiki page.

    presses automated when recording in live
    scratching fixed
    bottom row crossfader changed to toggles
    better encapsulation hopefully

  • hey stevieraysean

    i'm having a little trouble figuring out exactly how to work this thing o_0

    should i be looking at documentation for the original dj64?

  • yep. use the pdf. gots the info on what effects their are.

    in short the buttons in the middle column select the effect to use. the 3 columns right of that are a big volume fader. the 3 row left of the middle engage and change effects.

    the bottom row selects which of the additional djfx slaves is in operation..

    i had an update for this but it got lost in a max4live crash. since then i had a gig with all my max4live stuff and kinda gave up on it all. max4live just doesn't sit well with me... i'll have another look at it sometime. for now i'm focused on making my own _mlr looping hybrid in max/msp

  • still haven't even made a video for this..

  • ok - that helps. so the slaves are for multi track effecting?

    thanks again.

    since you mention it, make one! i'll buy you a beer!

  • still havent been able to figure this one out!

  • hang on i'll make a video...

  • sorry - i should be more specific. i'm not quite understanding how the right side works as a volume slider and how the left works to engage the particular effects. it all just turns to mush at some point when i'm pushing buttons.

    thank you for making a video - it should be really helpful. beer will come your way.

  • heh downing some beer as i'm typing

    i'm having problems with this too. can't get it working without the edit window open.. weird

    i'll look into it... i'm pretty bad at putting out half finished patches.

    too be honest the giant volume slider is not really useful in this patch. its just what it is in the dj64 patch for the live input. normally there are two lots of the first 4 columns (one for each deck) i'd love to give this a rewrite and add some stuff to it like different filters, patterns, bitcrushing etc and make more use of the whole monome.

    i'm trying to pay off my debts so i can leave work and go back to uni and have time for creating music, patches, hardware etc. hopefully soon. work is killing me at the moment..

    video might be a wee while. think something weird is going on with live..

  • no worries! i'm just looking for a new way to work with effects.

  • new version coming in the next day or two.
    maybe a video tutorial too!

  • cool! super excited to scope this!

  • Yeah. Pumped about understanding this.

  • yo.

    just remembered i made a super basic, cut down and cleaned up version of this for a gig the other week. only a couple of hours of tweaking and trying to clean up and understand it but if anyone wants to build on it or make it better here it is.

  • @Myralfur

    Works like a charm. Now to set up two of these on my 128 with monoroute.

    Assuming I can figure that out (I'm not very smart), it would be really cool to have a mirrored version to put on the right half of the monome.

  • @altosacs

    just change the incoming ports in the app to be different. so maybe 8002 and 8003, it's set up so the ports are saved with your live set and should load up the same in the set everytime.

  • @Myralfur

    Both sides are working, but I'm getting no led feedback on the right and instead both sets of feedback on the left at once. So close!

    edit: Is it possible this is caused by the monomeserial gs128 orientation bug?Monoroute thinks I am running it vertically, which was never a problem when I ran only one app per page.

  • bugger, must be a "---" missing somewhere before a send.

    i'll be back home tomorrow, will try and knock up a quick revision that works with multiple instances.

  • Have I told you lately that I love you?

  • what do you guys think of the master/slave thing for doing multi channel?

    i've changed it so theres toggles instead of a slider so you can effect multiple slaves at once...

    also i'm working on adding pattern recorders to the right side unused buttons and adding some bitcrushing downsampling to the unused effects page..

  • I was just thinking about pattern recorders on this - very glad you're working on it! And downsampling will be excellent.

    I don't understand the master/slave setup, as in how to make it work or what the purpose is.

  • The master deals with all of the monome handling stuff, and the slaves just have the effects, with monome presses being sent from the master as far as I'm aware.

  • yep XPM that's correct.

    so the bottom row chooses which of the master or slaves presses are being sent to. from left to right in order that they are added into live tracks.

    much more fun when you can select multiples

  • That DOES sound excellent. I gotta try it out.

  • new version and video added to the wiki page

  • i've been thinking of throwing a bit crusher into that spare page too.
    it's super easy in max - here's a quick example patch that might help you out!

  • thanks dovemouse!

    i've been making a few fx patches of my own. bitcrusher included. yep pretty easy

    the downsamp~ object combined with degrade~ makes for some totally rude chunks of noise :)

    i'm still working out how the original fx work. lots of gates and stuff... i really wanna make pattern recorders record what the fx are doing and the output leds as opposed to just recording the press input data. so the patterns wont interfere with any overdubbing you wanna do.

  • @stevieraysean

    I've now tried out your master/slave concept, and I agree that the option to select multiples opens up more fun opportunities.

    A few problems I'm having:

    When I re-check the sync box on the master, which never saves, Live often crashes.

    The osc ports don't save either.

    Also, if I save a default set with two slaves, only the initial slave is remembered, and, though the second is effected by the master's effects, it is not available as a selection on the bottom row and thus cannot be individually effected.

  • interesting crash there.
    is lives transport running?

    theres pretty much no saving support yet (no m4l objects just max) and if you delete a slave that slave button becomes useless..

    things I need to work on..

    i've managed to get some pattern recorders going which is pretty awesome i tell you and a bitcrusher effect page. system needs a bit of refining and yeah, saving support.


  • The sync box re-checking is, for whatever reason, no longer causing problems. When it was happening regularly, it was with the transport off first thing after opening Live.

    Great work! I'm real pumped about further developments.

  • cool..

    i've also made the button next to tap tempo re-check the sync box so.... you can do tapped tempo at different rates then re sync it all on the go..

    warning this patch gets insanely fun with 6 pattern recorders of variable lengths. even if at the moment they don't have led feedback.

  • oh and for way future developments i'm thinking of making the master be able to have multiple instances with offsets..

    imagine a 256

    split into 4 masters with 28 slaves and 24 pattern recorders.... would be insane

  • Surely the draw in that insanity is evident, but I think a more practical setup would be slaves offset separately from and thus visible along with the master. I suppose the modularity of mapping instances in monoroute is more along my train of thought.

    Would it be possible to map a master and a slave individually on a monome and have them interact in the same way you have been implementing?