Monome + Ableton = Cpu % - How far do you push it?

  • I have have all kinds of options as far as VST's, ensembles, synths, effects, ins and outs.

    Each little add on adds more CPU% in Ableton.

    How far do you guys push it before you start having problems or before you don't feel comfortable?

  • It's weird I can get gitching in the 40's and 50's with some stuff, and then at other times it sounds peachy and it's red lining in the 90's.

    I tend to ignore it most of the time, and stuff I use that is massively intensive (like timefreezer) I just render out that channel alone and play as audio.

  • I typically run between 40-60% with no problems. Above that, I do get glitching sometimes, but not very often. I've never pushed it up much past 85%, and that's only when I'm trying to see if I can max it out...

  • It's just something I see in the background getting higher and higher as I as more tweaks to my live set. It gives me anxiety. I got to draw the line somewhere just not sure where.