tintinnabulome and m4l?

  • Hello,

    i´m a great fan of tintinnabulome in its latest incarnation and wonder if there are any plans to port it to m4l.

    Sadly i can´t do it myself as i´m no coder at all, i think this would be a great addition to the current m4l patches poppin up.

    please, some make it happen :)

    thanks, hr

  • I would love this too, but with the more simplified interface of the first tintin, without pages.

  • Yes, please!!

  • mh, i liked the pages :) i´ll take it i n whatever incarnation!

  • -timeout-

    I'm moving into a house now, and must complete-renovate it...
    ...hard physical work till the end of january 8-/

  • i'd love a M4L version too. but i also liked the pages.