2 dead buttons but they work in midimode and the led´s are fine

  • Hi there,

    the topic says it all pretty much. on my 40h i´m having two dead buttons, besides that nothing happens when i push them, for example in polygome, they work if i midimap them and the functiontest for the LED shows no errors, all lit up.

    i opened the 40h onces but there´s nothing looking wrong.

    Since i know next to nothing about electronics i wonder if anyone could give me a hint how to solve this problem.


  • that doesn't make sense. could you test in monome_test (from monome base?)

    test the LED and keypad separately.

  • hi tehn, will give it a try at the evening and report back.


  • hi tehn,

    i tested with monome_test, as requested.

    all leds are fine, the keypadtest failed on the two defected pads- the 3rd in the second row, 2nd in the 4th row.

    thanks, hr

  • is this a kit?

  • yes, it´s a 40h kit.

  • i should add that it worked fine for quite a while and it wasn´t build by myself :)

  • it's more than likely a poorly soldered diode, sorry to say.

  • i disassembled the monome today, i´m no expert but i couldn´t see any difference to older solderpoints ...

    i´ll get it to a local electronicshop, hopefully they can help me though i fear they never heared of a monome until then.

    thanks for your help, tehn.


  • basically the solders need to be heated up on the bad diodes-- just remelted. where are you located? there might be a friendly monome user nearby.

  • I had the same problem with my kit. At first there were a couple problem buttons where they didn't always trigger but would if I pressed exceptionally hard and then they stopped working altogether. I re-melted the diodes and sure enough they were back to working again.

    It's really quite easy if you know somebody with a soldering iron. You just need to tin the tip with a little fresh solder and then very lightly and quickly touch it to the solder points on the effected diode. Takes literally a couple seconds to do. Best of luck.