What mic for recording voice, fx & field ?

  • Hi all,

    Till now, i never got interested in microphones, and i am a absolute noob to that topic (besides rockin' SM58s in the age of 16 ;).

    I wonder what mic's are good for recording voice (radio dramas), effect sounds and a little ambient (working the kitchen or throwing stones in abandoned factories).

    Are you working with mic's and which one would you recommend for my described purpose...


  • What's your budget?

  • Up to 300 euros equals 440 dollars.

  • for broadcast (radio) ...electrovoice re20 or shure sm-7

    for sound fx (foley) ...neumann km184

    ambience (room-tone) ...large capsule condenser mic


  • what about one that does both foley and room-tone?

  • For all round mics sm57/8s are pretty good at everything, from vocals and guitars to field recording and effects and they're solid as a rock. I don't see why you'd want anything else. I'd say you're better off using that as an all rounder and then save up to buy some specialist mics to gradually phase out your SMs such as a nice condenser pair or a hefty solid state field recording device for out and about recording.. That's my two pence...

  • Thank you guys.

    Well yes, i'd like one that can combine several soundings, i know that might be difficult but definitly not a sm75/8 as i think their characteristic is not clear enough for recording a glass while it breaks.

    @SHvanBommel: Can you recommend one?

  • Since you want to do field recordings, a large condenser may be awkward. The rode nt4 is a little over your budget. It's a fixed stereo mic which can be battery powered.

    I own a pair of nt5's and they sound pretty nice - they are very clear and can be a little harsh on cymbals.

    review off sweetwater:
    "I have been using this mic for field recordings (9V internal power) for film FX/ambient sound and foley (48 V phantom). In both cases it positively shines. The sound is silky smooth and there's plenty of high end detail. The mic does lose some sensitivity on 9V internal power, however it's so quiet that the required make-up boost on the pre-amp doesn't bring in a lot of extra noise. "

  • The Audio Technica AT825 has always been on my wishlist - stereo condensor, within your budget...

    This is a good website on field recording equipment:


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