mlr in m4l, an idea ...

  • Hi,

    i think it´s great that there´s a lot of effort going into mlr functionality in Ableton but i wonder if one could eventually "just" port mlrv to m4l instead of going the ableton clip route?

    dunno if a m4l instruments can handle mutliple out puts but if yes i think this could be a winner. No more rewire, mid and/or sync issues ...

    just my 2 cents, sorry if my excitement made me forgett something signifiant which makes this idea impossible or useles.

    cheers, hr

  • interested in this too. tho i don't have live 8 nor m4l. maybe someday, i haven't decided yet.

    anyway, i think that would be great in itself; just being able to route the channels to ableton tracks and dump plugs on those. having it synced to ableton's clock and being able to use plugs which require the clock would be nice as well.

  • Is the benefit of the clip version having time stretching? I'd love some time stretching.

  • i'm working on a midi triggered mlr for live. you'll be able record, edit, store and play pattern as midi clips! every loop is on a different track too, so it is essentially multiout.

  • el_camello, sounds great, looking forward to this.
    the more i think of an mlr(v) "self contained" as a m4l instrument, the more i like it. hopfully one of the fantastic maxpatchers out there can make this happen :)

  • bump for relevance, hopefully :)

    anyone want to give this a try? would be great!

  • i'm very much interested in a version of mlrV that would have multiple outputs that could be routed to different tracks in live. i would buy m4l in a heartbeat if this was a reality.

    i would also praise the patcher who develops it. :)

  • I think M4l instruments are limited to stereo outputs.

    though you could use say 6 additional patches with send~ and receive~ objects and put them into the tracks you want the audio to go to...

    that and using the livedrop instead of dropfile so you can load from the live browser.

    don't think bringing in the rest of the patch in would be hard.... just I don't have the software yet... doh