7up and midi.

  • hey. i recently discovered 7up for live 8. couldnt be more siked about this, since i'm not that advanced in all the midi out and in stuff. its simple and effective. the only thing im wondering about: is there any way to get everything in midi blocks? like for example if i use the looper and i cut something up, to get it on the grid as blocks in stead of the loop recorder from 7up itself? or at least some easy way to record audio from 7up?



  • i don't know if this is what you mean, but are you looking to have your keypresses in looper come out as midi so that you can edit them? as well as being able to launch a clip with midi that acts like instructions for looper?

  • yeah indeed. i just want my midi to come out as if i was playing a softsynth or sthn. because now i'm playing stuff from that sample, theres sound, but no recording.

  • cool, i've been working on this today and i've got it working. my only problem is that if you load a loop into the patch it doesn't get saved into your project... so you have to reload your loops every time. its the first patch i make in max/m4l, so i don't know how to do that, but i'll figure it out eventually.

    i'm using buffer~ and groove~ like in the 'basic mlr' tutorial in the wiki. i tried using m4l save preset and that didn't work. just need a way to get the loops to come back when the project is loaded.

    if anyone can help me with this, it'll be ready to go.

  • nice! i'm looking forward to that.
    in fact, i would bounce it to audio anyway, so for me its not sucha pain in the ass that the loopt dont get saved in the patch. so if ur willing u can share your current patch. but no rush :p