SOLD : Teak + aluminium 40h (with acc)

  • hello monome world,

    i'm finally selling a 40h (kit version) with aluminium faceplate and teak enclosure. I added an accelerometer from sparkfun. I'm selling it or would like to trade it with some guitar gear or other music gear (+cash if necessary). Here are some photos :

    Already have a 40h and a 256 and I don't have the use of a second 40h. Paypal accepted.

    I'm located in Strasbourg, France. Contact me at circark **** at **** gmail **** dot *** com

    Note and edit : The teak is voluntary not varnished or oiled. i prefer the natural color of the teak.

  • et tu le vendrais combien?

  • 300 euros, prix plancher !

  • allready sold?

  • still available !

  • ... sent you an email