how many of you use a custom patch?

  • recently i have been working in max, trying to learn it as fast as i could (before my demo ran out). It seemed like every step i took forward i took two backwards. It was only because when i took that step i could see a little further ahead, and what was possible. I began to think about what my ideal patch would be. Would i run hub or quadrants, and combine some of my favorite patches? would i spend all my time working on a max patch that game a touch of everything i need? Im not sure. But now im curious, how many people have 100% custom max patches? ones that they use for live performance?

    I will occasionally come across videos online that i cant tell what app it is. I know there are plenty of apps i have never used, but are these custom (phipps from sts9).

    anyway, just curious


  • Not Max, but practically everything I do that involves the monome is done as new ChucK programs. I have something I want to do, I write a new ChucK app or two from scratch, mess around with it for a month or so and then forget about it. When I have a new project in mind, I write a new ChucK app and so on. In a way I treat these programs as throwaway patches. I started to look at the Max4Live beta, but I couldn't wrap my head around it, so I'll probably keep using ChucK like this.


  • i use a custom Max/MSP patch and write max externals in C.

  • I've been working on a software sampler I wrote in PureData that plays/loops/records audio in realtime mapped across the top 48 keys of the monome 64's pad (the rest are for control functions). Learned a lot working on this project and jazzed that my love of programming is back.