love tech.... this friday!

  • hi... here's the line-up and details!:

    friday the 18th.... 10pm
    il pirata
    2007 16th st
    SF, CA

    JANAKA SELEKTA - Borderless ecstasy fused with shards of dubstep, breaks, hip-hop & drum & bass thru an APC40 -
    MYCHO PAN COCOA (Mallabel) - Delivering uppercuts from his new album "Low Frequency High Life" with a unique instrument & ferocious style -
    EDISON - Crunked up beats blasted via buttons on homemade ghetto electronics -
    AL KAL - One man groove production powerhouse using keyboards, melodica, and a menagerie of knobs and sliders -

    Arrive early for our Educational PlayShop!
    9-10pm: Crunkology 101, an upper-division Glitch Sciences and Chaos Control Course with Jarvez and J-Tonal, robot gangsterz of THE FLYING SKULLS -

    Featured Multimedia Artists:
    Tim Anderson - ZOOTROPE
    Hundred year old technology for creating a 3D full-motion visual display. Make your own pieces for it with modeling clay

    Interactive Art Salon:
    HOLOGLYPHICS - 3D Stereoscopic moving imagery, viewed without 3D glasses, along with live electronic music - Walter Funk
    MONOLITH 2.0 - loopy fun with extreme controllers - Tim Thompson
    BRAIN MACHINE - trippy glasses (Mitch Altman's kit from Noisebridge!) - Jean Rintoul
    curated by Jean Rintoul

    All night VJ Mashup:
    Sign Up Here and Bring Your Laptop:

    Digital Jam Lounge (Drum Circle of THE FUTURE):
    Bring your laptop, synth, or any electronic instrument, plug in and play!
    A collaborative jamming space perfect for teaching one another new music hardware and software
    Sign Up Here and Bring Your Instruments:
    by Rich DDT

    Tim Anderson will also be presenting The 5 Minute Guitar Lesson. Ever wonder how rock stars can abuse their brains with drugs and alcohol and still play guitar? Ever wonder what guitar playing secret made Robert Johnson get so good so fast?
    Now, you too can learn to play guitar in mere minutes. And you don't even have to sell your soul to the devil!


    if anyone's in the bay...
    this is a really fun evening...
    these folks are community based, and all support and love!
    really great vibe....

  • every month you remind me why i hate not living in the bay..

    say hi to the nexus kids for me. (they know me as the guy who did the flame thrower step sequencer)

  • this sounds rad. are all of these activities in one place or multiple venues? If it all starts @ 10, does that mean there are multiple rooms happening?

    I am interested in participating, and I am curious what form this event will take. It would be nice to know more details to make a final decision, but if not this time, I am definately looking forward to the future of this genre and look forward to more parties like this.

  • @arto..
    yea man!
    this is alllll happeneing under one roof
    there is about 3 or 4 areas to the bar.... a back room... a huge patio,,, a bar... a restaurant.... ect... ect...
    they really do pack it in and have things going on all over
    it's a really great nerd out kinda vibe....
    c'mon through and say hi!

  • I'll be there of course. Good lineup!

  • bump....... in the night....

  • Sounds like a awesome show. How was it?

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