Molar VSTi Video Series (planning phase)

  • Hey all,

    I'd like to take on a project that will hopefully offer some assistance and inspiration for people wanting to really sink their teeth into molar. Steve assures me that molar is near enough to a 1.0 version, that there will be no new features for a bit, just bug fixes (maybe that's where ableton got the idea...)

    Anyway, I want to start by stating that I'm using molar with a 256 in live 8 on os x. Anything I can shoot and cover in a video will be based on that. Of course I can mention some things relating to windows, other hosts, and other devices, but I will not be able to show it. If someone thinks it's important enough to show and doesn't minding shooting and sending me some video, I'd be happy to include anything else. Otherwise it will be mentioned verbally or in text.

    So first I'd like to establish an outline for the videos, and make sure everyone thinks it's all getting covered. Now, I don't use every function of molar (never used nudge or 4x4, for instance), so I might need to post some questions about certain things if I can't find sufficient answers in other threads. Please chime in if you have information that should be included on these or any other aspect of molar.

    I should also mention that given my amount of free time, it will take me several weeks, if not a few months to get through all of this. Getting the content nailed down first will make the process a lot more efficient.

    So here's the tentative outline, based on the main molar thread (, the bugs thread (, the tips and tricks thread (, Steve's info ( and the unofficial functions overview (available here:

    If you know of any other info sources, please post them!

    The Complete Video Guide to Molar VSTi 1.0

    Video 1:

    1. Introduction
    2. Requirements
    3. Installation
    4. Getting Started

    Video 2:

    1. Data Anatomy
    2. Row Mode Basics
    3. Metasequencing
    4. Saving and Loading Presets

    Video 3:

    1. Lowest Row Functions
    2. Editing the Config File

    Video 4:

    1. Real World Molar (MLRishness, step sequencer, clip launcher, effects trigger, etc)
    2. Advanced Functionality

    Future Videos:

    1. New Features
    2. Host or OS Specific Updates
    3. ???

    I'll update this post with any changes to the outline as suggestions are made.

    This will become a user's manual of sorts before fully becoming videos, complete with screenshots, gui diagrams, etc. That alone should be quite helpful, but I think seeing molar in use is a lot more helpful than just reading about it...

    Too much? Not enough? Discuss...

  • I can't help you since I am discovering it, but I can assure you that I am very interested in those videos. I am pretty sure that Molar is hugely underestimated and more tutorials and explanations would be helpful.

  • Awesome idea!
    Not trying to steal the thunder and I'll start a new thread if it warrants it, but it would also be great if we could finally get proper a written manual together. I would be willing to put time in on that, though I would definately need a lot of help,especially on the layout and presentation side of things. Anyone interested?

  • Great ideas!

    I'll be glad to help out, giving feedback and such, on videos and written manuals.

  • @guru:

    Maybe the best bet is to focus first on a proper written manual, then adapt the videos from there. That might be easier than developing both independently.

    I'm a designer by day so I'd be happy to handle the layout/graphics aspects and much of the writing. Maybe we continue to hash out the outline here, then go for it?

  • before anyone starts on the manual wasn't there a pretty decent one running around here? Maybe you'd want to tweak that one instead of starting from scratch.

    wish I could tell you where it is though.. maybe I can find it on my computer at home later.

  • @Johnisfaster
    The only manual I know of other than occulars basic function overviews and Molar to go and also the crude and very obseleted guide I made a long time ago.
    (edit: and of course Steve Dudas guide in the post below)

    I don't know how quick we can put together a manual? It's your call if you would rather work on a manual first, I guess that does make sense.
    I'll be useless over the next couple of days as I have a new years event and a ton of house guests to keep me busy, but I can definately hash out some ideas today.

    Here's some ideas I have for topics:

    ~Getting Started~

    -Welcome to Molar (and what you can do with Molar)
    -Installation and Setup
    -Basic Overview (basic description of all UI elements)
    -Setting up the Config File
    -Function Pad Summary
    -Getting Started (ie: instant satisfaction)
    -Row Modes (basic explanations of each)
    -File Handling (getting deeper here. loading, saving, managing etc)

    ~Advanced Operations!

    -User Interface (advanced explanations of all UI elements)
    -Advanced Function Pad Operations (yay! mostly already done!)
    -Working with Loops (in depth exploration of LTG and LP1 audio rows)
    -Working with One Shot Samples (in depth exploration of SN1 and SND audio rows)
    -MIDI Sequencing (in depth exploration of MIDI as applicable to all row modes)
    -Advanced Pattern Tweaking (copying, randomizing, duplicating,mults etc..)
    -Loading and using MIDI Maps
    -Using MIDI CC Rows

    ~Usefull Stuff!~

    -Tips Tricks and Facts
    -Some Usage Examples

    -About Steve Duda (last? but definately not least :)
    I'm sure I'm missing some really obvious stuff here, but if this looks like a good enough place to start I can edit in changes as needed.
    Obviously it would be good to draw out a map of topics for each section so that the information can be as focused as possible without strewing bits and pieces everywhere.
    ...and lots of visual reference , yes!?

    I also like the idea of keeping this an open discussion so that people have a chance to contribute if they wish... if that seems sensible?

  • theres some older info here too you can use (of course):

    and then I can remake that page to be proper HTML downloads / links to the other goodies.

  • -and then I can remake that page to be proper HTML downloads / links


    I think on the video side of things it would be great to highlight / explain setup and usage of Molar in some other hosts rather than just Live.
    I could do some screen recording of some modular host techniques in Usine and Bidule...

  • Sounds like we've got a plan!


    Cool. I think is a great place to centralize all of this stuff, and the molar docs page here can be updated to direct people there.


    I'll start putting together a text doc containing a more detailed outline with the things you've mentioned. I'll post it back up here and we can pass it back and forth until we feel it's all there.

    Going through this process will help me learn some of the depths of molar that I've yet to explore... :)

  • I just found molar and have been mining for info.
    A manual like this would be a godsend to me and other beginners..thanks in advance for making this effort.

    I feel the visual button guide "Unofficial Molar VSTi Functions Overview" I found as pdf files in one of these threads was very helpful. Incorporating a visual guide like that in any manual would be great, I think.

  • Yeah, I think the "Unofficial Molar VSTi Functions Overview" will represent one entire section of the manual. Good stuff in that doc...

  • Speaking of the written manual. Maybe one should try to do it entirely in the wiki? That way it's easier to collaborate. What say you?

  • This is great. Looking forward to molar videos!

  • @plopp:

    Once we've got a detailed outline in place, maybe that's the thing to do.

    It definitely needs to be out there for a number of molar users to look at to make sure we cover all of the nuances. I don't think I've ever heard two different people describe using molar in the same way...

  • Very cool!

    (My fault completely but - ) Never got my head round Molar - so a video intro would be MOST welcome!

  • I, too, have nothing to offer but my unconditional support for the idea. But you've got that any time you want it. Just say the word and I'll start applauding.

  • Just wanted to offer a quick update...

    I've begun the process of collecting all the text information into one place. Once I've got it all together and somewhat filtered through (couple of weeks?), I'll get it posted for editing suggestions.

    I think there is going to be way too much info to edit it on the wiki, but maybe I could put it up on google docs for editing at that point?

    Anyway, once that is all done, I'll drop images into the layout and make it all pretty. Then on to the video stage...

  • I had been thinking it might be less workload for any one person and more thorough in the end if anyone interested in participating could pick a section to work on,we would mark that section as being worked on, and then once done, place that section in a publicly accessible spot for further review and contribution.
    Then again, having too many approaches to writing different sections might just make all the information harder to digest?

    I have never attempted to collaborate in this fashion before, so perhaps your approach makes more sense?

    Either way, I am willing to help as best I can...

  • If you guys use Google Wave, one Wave per section might be the way to go. If
    you need invites, I have a few left.

  • I'd be down for trying google wave. I'll need an invite, though.

    I do like the idea of having people work on individual sections, especially since we all have aspects of molar that we are more familiar with. Give me a few more days to try and compile everything into one place (however messy it will be), then we can have a central repository to pull information from.

    In the meantime, maybe we can get the wave deal set up?

  • Great!
    I'll send you an invite later.

  • great idea and very much needed!!!

  • this sounds great ! i can give feedback and send some
    german chocolate ! nice that you guys take time to make
    this. for sure i can refresh my knowledge again a little.

  • Hey all, sorry to have disappeared on this for the last several days... I've been swamped at work.

    Anyway, I'm still collecting bits and pieces of existing info. As soon as I have it all collected, we can start the editing process and get a print manual finalized. I got the wave invite from plopp, so we can see about using that as an organizational tool for this.

    Good fun!

  • yes, a really nice idea! although i spend many hours in molar, there is (minimum) 50% left i don't understand or i can't find the informations (in the forum) i need for my purposes. i also really like to help - but at the moment i only can offer some feedback (how understandably subjects are), because i think my knowledge about molar is too small (yet).

    ok, with "german choclate" i can support you guys aswell... ;)

  • @ hypno sapien

    i'm unsure of what to say.

    i love you.

    i got it installed, and working. after that, i'm about as lost as my grandma at last weeks dillinger escape plan concert.

  • Hey all, don't worry, this is still alive! I've been crazy busy for the last few weeks, with it all culminating this week. I'm heading to Phoenix for a 5-day conference, but I'm still gathering bits and pieces as I can. I'll be hitting this full force next week once I'm back...

  • Keep it up! Looking forward to it.

  • i'm excited for this. i've attempted molar many times but just give up soon after getting frustrated and not knowing what the possibilities are. i know if i got a little more direction i'm sure i would be amazing and be hooked.

  • bump?

    been trying to wrap my head around this app because the videos i've seen are so inspiring, but it certainly has a steep learning curve to get the most out of it.

    The tips n tricks thread is very helpful, but the more the merrier, right?

  • im always happy to help out and answer 'how do you do this' type questions, feel free to pipe up here. Once the new forum software is up, hopefully the search will be more refined and these posts will be more accessible. Good luck folks, it is most definitely worth the time to wrap your head about it...

  • Let me offer a sincere apology for letting this fall off of my radar. I had grand plans to take this on, but have since made some big changes in my life (i.e., quitting my job to start my own business). Unfortunately, I have not had much time to make music.

    I've come to realize that in order to have more music time, I need to have a super portable rig. That way it can always be with me. So I'm selling my 256 to purchase a gs 64. I'm hoping this will give me more opportunities to get back into music production, so maybe I can continue this plan of a complete molar instructional guide. But until then, I will also try to answer as many molar-related questions as I can...