app: mlr 2.27 + aes 0.4 M4L update 21-01-10 (autofocus/autoconfig)

  • got max for live yesterday

    I recommend the HD version here:



    latest version on the wiki page.


  • no way!

    i can tell you with much certainty that this is what everyone who uses a monome + Live has been waiting for.

    thank you so so much.

  • nice job. it works great.
    is there any way to lock the tempo to Live's clock?

  • yeah you just need to adjust the tempo in live and it should change in mlr. i'll find a way to make it automatic though..

  • just updated it so it will load the current bpm right off.

    lemme know if you can crash it, I have't yet... :)

  • All I can say is !@#$%

    Downloading now.

    Thank you very much.

    Are you open to feedback and suggestions?

  • Nice one! Go Nz.

    Grabbing now.

  • feedback and suggestions wont hurt.

    don't know when i'll get around to it but the Aes edit would be handy. 6 groups etc...

    and I know a 256 version would also make people happy. but yeah, I'm having a hard time dragging myself away from this..

    I though why not start with the original then people can spawn off there own edits all they like..

    and this didn't really take very long. all you need to do is add a transport into the [time] patch for tempo bpm and change the output DAC to a plugout~ and the input to the buffers to a plugin~.

    they were the main things. that and a crap load of moving and resizing the gui.


  • Sweet. I have a 7 group edit of the AES version if it helps?

    7 groups would be really nice, one per row, which can then be sent to it's own track in Live for effects etc.

    I really liked the grab function you implemented into mlr4live, is there any way of doing something similar with this? Like hit a button, it grabs the audio files?

    This would kind of get round the hassle of building presets in MLR, then saving them etc, as the live set would effectively become the preset.

    A row direction toggle on the monome would also be sweet. :-)

    Hope this doesn't sound ungrateful, I have been waiting for a port of mlr, have been using your mlr4live for all shows and stuff so I guess i kinda got spoiled with all the functionality you built into that.

  • Thank you!

  • thanks you!
    i might have a go at making a 256 version.
    do the groups route to separate audio tracks? it'd be cool if you had the mlr master and then an mlr group device which you drag into a track and set it as the group and the audio comes through there. it would mean you could use live effects on each group independently :D

    anyways nice job :)

    edit: i should read more....thanks!

  • How is the saving handled ?

  • hello and thank you for this first m4lmlr !

    A nice thing would be to use the clips in the audio tracks as audio in MLR.

    You have 7 audio track (one for each row of mlr) with several clips, and you can choose wich clip to play in mlr. And yes, saving handled would be legendary.

  • Using the clips would be awesome, but I can assure you that it would involve an almost complete recoding of mlr.

  • if you took srsean's mlrv4live version then maybe it wouldn't be a total rewrite.

    anyway, a version of mlrv would be fantastiv in max for live form.

  • First thanks a lot for this m4lmlr!

    I get M4L since one week, and didn't really use it.
    And I don't know if there's specials things to do to get m4lmlr works.

    I downloaded m4lmlr, launch monomeserial, tested my 128 (it lights up), set the prefix to /mlr, launch ableton live, put m4lmlr into an audio track, set this track as rec, drop an audiofile into m4lmlr, and try to make it works. But nothing happens on the 128. No lights. Is there something to do?

    I run a mac pro 10.5.8 with the last version of live and the last version of max.

  • Sorry for my last post, now it works! I don't know why but I restart my computer and everything is fine!

  • how does the live input work?
    couldn't you use it to record audio in from a clip?

  • any plans to make it so can support multiple maxforlive apps to run at once and be able to switch between them?

    such as run this along with some of stretta's maxforlive apps?

  • @scubasteved : use monoroute, monoswitch, or serial pyo.
    @stevieraysen: how does the live input work? I'm seriously looking for that feature...

  • le k
    it works great. do you have the input vol level up?

  • @le k, cant seem to get any of those apps to work with arduinome, would like to just run everything within ableton with m4l

  • @scubastived
    actually i run those app with my launchpad +monomeEmuquad 0.9.2 which let you use 4 monome emulation and osc adress at the same time.
    I don t think it could works with arduinome but might be a great patch to start with and rebuild a solid one dedicated to arduinome...or maybe not i dont know really i don't know nothing about coding.

  • Hmm, having trouble getting this to work, I keep getting the spinning beach ball of death when I drag it into an audio track... Stupid question, but do I need to do anything with all the Max components that are in the folder along with the MaxforLive patch to make this work? And if I don't need multiple outputs do I need to do anything with those particular patches?
    using OS 10.6.2 and Ableton 8.1.1

  • @mapmap

    ok input works great :)

    I have had this issue too (got the same config as you), change the sample you want import it seems that some are not compatible with, don't know why, maybe sample rates, or something else...

    your patch is awesome (just weird issue, see above),
    can you please implement midi asignement within live. At least for input section, would increase workflow a lot.

  • @le k thanks for the input, but I can't even get to the point that I can drag an audio clip into the box, as soon as I drop the patch into an audio track I get the spinning beach ball and it locks up Live. Also, there's nothing to the left of the audio drop box, it's just a blank space, though perhaps tracks appear if I ever get to the point which it will open fully!
    Do I need to put any of the Max components in my Cycling74 folder or are the other items in the download folder just holdovers from the older (non-Max for Live) version of MLR?

  • @atari5200
    I just put the whole folder into MAx audio effect in my ableton presets.
    but i use launchpad wit monomeemu.

    Maybe you should try to just load the mlr patch into live without anything else first (no monoserial, max runtime, etc...) and check if it works like that.

  • wow, i´ve been waiting for this!!! Works like a charm here. thanks a lot, now i just have to buy m4l :)

  • ok firstly if your having trouble with the basics of mlr like recording audio saving/loading sets and presets then read the help file...

    recording: turn up the 'in' volume. its down so you don't get feedback when using microphones. click 'thru' to monitor it.

    playback: turn up the group volumes.

    saving: first save as a preset on the bottom left, then click save on the right side above the input buffer. save the file somewhere you can find it.

    loading: load the saved file without the _flist on the end.

    secondly it's not impossible to use the clips from the live tracks for the rows in mlr. mlrV4live has had this functionality for ages.

    I will eventually bring this across to max for live probably using this version or the Aes version as a base.

    mlrV4live uses liveosc which is a little different to the liveapi and live objects. I still need to learn more about these before I try bringing it over as i'd like to do it without having to install the liveosc folders.

    either way at the moment it'd still require the input of sample folders/directories. as m4l cant give a complete file path yet.

    this version is mlr 2.27 plain and simple. I'd like it to stay pretty much this way for now. only I'll see about adding midi assignments to sliders and buttons etc..

    @atari5200 put the whole folder into the 'max audio effect' folder in your ableton library. audio should be dropped into the box in the middle. tracks appear in the row menus.

    it still uses pretty much all the contents of that folder.

  • oh and with the being able to use multiple instances and multiple devices thing.

    theres only a few hundred send and receive objects that need to be changed to
    send ---name and receive ---name.

    I don't see myself doing this today as the sun is out and i've only got a few days of holiday left :)

  • I think I found a bug – when I "Collect all and save" in live the mlr gui goes almost all white, and stays that way until I replace it with a new instance of mlr...

  • hmm, can't seem to replicate your bug.. anyone got this?

    unless maybe your copying mlr over to your project and live can't find it.

    almost all white? whats missing / still there?

  • I understand multi instances isn't possible yet, but does that mean I can't drop 2 copies of this thing in a live set and control them both at the same time? then use live to cross fade between which one I wanna hear?

  • seems to screw everything up when i tried it. the leds don't work properly and the group mutes send to each other..

    I'll probably get started on multiple instances soon.
    maybe after i've finished making most things midi assignable..


  • Let me just say I think this is extremely exciting progress. I'm really happy about this. I await patiently for the multiple instance support but I think I can get by for now :)

  • badass! can't wait to try it out. thanks!

  • forgive me for being dense but does this thing simple go the tempo of the live set but not actually sync to it?

    I don't have my monome handy but I'm watching this live set play and the little orange light seems to be totally off sync.

  • yeah it syncs.

    try with the metronome on. if the tempo is too high the light will look off though..

  • the tempo was only at 120, however I don't have a monome hooked up right this second. but I was just watching the orange tempo light on this patch and it was flashing way out of time. Maybe that gets corrected when I fire my first mlr row but I can't test that right now.

  • i see sometimes it goes on the 'and' of the beat. depends when you press the play button in live..

    everything is supposed to sync when using a transport.
    should be in sync regardless of what the light is doing..

    i guess an easy solution would be to just get rid of the light

  • wow, awesome, mlr for m4l,
    thanks a lot!

    now the only thing that is missing is the aes edit.
    it has this great feature how to record, with pre roll.
    (how do you guys record with the original mlr? pressing "go" and play directly? i´m not that fast...)

    anyone interested in porting the aes edit? ;-)
    or at least the pre roll feature?

  • just uploaded latest version.

    most things are midi/key assignable now :)

    might work on the aes edit when I get some time

  • yeah midi/key assignable!!!!

    you rock!!!

  • Just what I've been waiting for, sweet. Can't wait to get playing with this.

  • I got a problem and I think there is something I didn't understand in the relationship between max and m4l.
    When I load the amxd, I got a huge GUI bug, but it seems thats it's loading mlrV. What's the proper way to avoid this ? Secondary, why isn't it just an amxd file instead of a folder with all the max patch ?

  • Ok I drop the whole folder in live instead of the .amxd only and it seems to work. Sorry, I am a dumb, but I still don't get how files are managed in m4l.

  • "most things are midi/key assignable now :)"

    You know what would be neat would be to make the top row of controls on the Monome just send midi notes, that way you could assign them to any of the UI. Would make for a very flexible interface.

  • BTW, it is absolutely awesome ! And MIDI control : Woaaa.

  • m4l works just like max.

    the amxd files are the ones you can open in live.

    all the other files are linked into that file through patchers and bpatchers just like regular max. they make it easier for editing. ie only having one file for the row and copying it with additional arguments to make them different.

  • Hi stevieraysean,

    Thanks, it's awesome to use mlr with M4L!
    And it's almost one of the reason I got a monome!
    Being able to use correctly mlr + live.

    But what a shame for me, it crashes Live (not simple crash, big one with log.txt)
    I reinstalled Live but it's the same.
    At one time, even I got one or several tracks with or without plugins, when I'm on the monome with mlr4live and use it, the sound and the image freeze and Live quit. With Ableton Live CrashLog.

    I run a mac pro 10.5.8 with the last version of live and the last version of max.