Monome 256 for sale (UK)

  • Fully boxed as new, used very sparingly and lovingly looked after. Has been listed here before but i changed my mind and backed out. This time though, its definately time to say good bye. I simply havent the time and to be honest, could do with the money after xmas (who couldnt!)

    Any way, i was just seeing if anyone on here would be interested in taking this 256 of my hands. The price is £1050 which is basically what i paid (monome plus UK import tax) minus the shipping to the UK (doesnt seem fair to charge for the shipping). Ill also send it special delivery for free. Would prefer to do business via paypal. If anyone is interested, please get in touch.

  • I am open to sensible offers - anything to avoid ebay's fees!! Forgot to mention that i have got some photos if anyone wants to see it in the cyber flesh!

  • hi benno, I might have an offer for you.
    don't see contact info in your post, could you please email me: (d at minimise dot com) thanks!

  • hi hi, also interested email me @ if its still up for grabs I am base in uk. cheers.

  • i have a mint 256 (1st run serial no. 073) for sale. i am in london uk. bobbymeld at

  • here are some pictures.

  • Still available. For photos and the like drop me an email @