monomeserial bug (midi mode)

  • Hi, I am on os 10.6
    I am using the monome in midi mode for launching clips. The bug is, I have no led feedback until i change the input midi device and reselect it in monomeserial.

    I don't know if it has something to do with my setup, but let me explain it :
    To avoid having two leds enlightened when playing follow actions, I use IAC buses and a max patch :
    Live outputs feedback on IAC 2 to max, max change all the 126 velocities to 0, then send the "corrected" midi notes to IAC 3, which is my input in monomeserial. Basically the bug is I have to reselect IAC 3, and the channel in monomeserial to have it working. I ran exactly the same setup on PC (with midiyoke) and never had a problem.

  • Yes this is a bump.
    Can anybody please try ?
    Thank you !

  • I know I'm reopening an old thread but I just found the very same bug.

    The bug is that monomeserial doesn't open the midi ports correctly(or at all) when it starts and won't open it unless the user changes to another midi port.

    I also discovered this second bug:

    Monome serial also sends midi without "Timecode" which is an error and Ableton Live won't accept them for "Tracks" use but will work for a "Remote" use

    Enclosed a screenshot of a midi note played by a Padkontrol and a note played by the Monome

    Quotation from the guy that made the Midi Monitor software I'm using:

    If an event's timestamp is 0, when displaying it as a clock time, show it as "*** ZERO ***" instead of an arbitrarily wrong, but valid-looking, time. This should only happen if another application sends us data with a zero timestamp, which I consider to be an error. (This is still open for debate, though.)