How do you change OSC ports in max apps

  • Hello..

    I'm having real trouble trying to figure this out.

    Apps such as monoroute and pages offer the ability to switch between applications from the monome by assigning unique OSC ports for each application and switching the routing with hot-key presses on the monome.

    However, in order to take advantage of such a feature, you've got to be able to reassign the ports used by each app to receive messages from monoroute or pages so that each app utilizes unique ports. Currently, I believe they all use 8000 and 8080 by default. I can't figure out how to change this. (i.e. changing to 5000, 9000, 6000 etc...)

    I've tried altering the code with text edit, but still no luck. I think there is some talk about updating monomeserial to handle this kind of thing...but in the mean time, is there a tutorial or previous post someone can refer me to. Or maybe there is someone who has been able to do this who can walk me through it..

    Thanks alot for any help..

    I'm running max 5.1 Runtime
    OSX 5.8

  • hey RAH,

    actually you don't need to give each app a unique port. the data is routed appropriately using each program's unique UDP identifier - for example press data sent to mlr is prefixed "/mlr/press" and press data send to dj64 is prefixed "/dj64/press". both these messages can be sent on the same port without crosstalk.

    it should be pretty easy in monopress and pages to set up your prefixes (/mlr, /dj64 etc.) so the data gets to and from where it needs to be. hope this helps!