blofeld vs virus

  • hey everyone, i just wanted to make a topic to get some opinions, i am looking for a new synth and have narrowed it down to 2, either the blofeld synth or the access virus snow, or the TI, i like the keyboard on the TI but its very expensive, i kinda want something geared towards live performance, and midi compatible, thanks for the input

  • Hi deadspace, if finally you dicide to buy a Snow, I have one for sell...

    I like it a lot, but I'm selling it because I make a lot of my music in the train and can't carry it :/ and then in the studio if I use it when I'm in the train I lose this tracks :(

  • go with the snow, i love that thing. i had the blofeld and the snow. got rid of them both and now use the virus ti rack , sounds sick! the blofeld sounds sweet but has more classic synth sounds the virus sounds more complex and digi. guess it depends what kind of sound you are looking for.

  • hey pauk how much? and have any pictures of it?

  • Hi deadspace,
    I'm looking for 800 €
    It is like new.
    I can send you more detailed pictures later from home, but it's new, no scratches, no dust :)

    4000 x 2248 - 1M
  • +1 Snow. I had a Blofeld for about 2 hours and sent it back. Couldn't get it to update or install the sample option properly - not worth the hassle - plus it just felt cheap. The Snow is a great synth and is very tweakable via CC in surprising ways. The build quality on the Snow surpasses the Blo IMO not to mention the sounds on the Virus line are next to none. it is NOT just for techno! It can make very emotive sounds in a variety of genres and can mimic (very closely) some of the most famous synths out there.

  • I don,t own a snow, but the Blofeld is a good synth with limitations.To have 16 part multitimbrality is incredible for me coming from a synth with only one part but at the same time you only have one pair of stereo outs so you have to make some things in order to get all your parts one by one....
    Only scratching the surface but the modulation matrix is very powerfull and flexible...
    It,s output it,s very noisy and very sensible to electric charge.
    The complicated thing here is to obtain smooth sounds because with this thing is extremely easy make noise.
    I like .
    This track is 90% Blofeld only the background pad is from other synth.

  • +1 for the snow.

    access synths are flexible and a lot of fun to work with.

  • never used a snow, but jc i wish i had the money for one of those. from all the demos ive seen (esp on the youtube!) it's a very versatile and adaptable synth with near endless possibilities.

  • Get both for those snow-blower sounds!

  • I had a blofeld for quite a while, and it was probably one of the best synths I have ever owned. I had a virus A for a while and I really liked that one too (though I wish I could afford a TI polar!). With the license SL option, the blofeld becomes even more versatile. I never had any issues with my Blofeld, but some have had issues with software updates etc. I really liked the effects section of the Blofeld, but the virus has a much more comprehensive effects selection.

    honestly, I could never find which one I liked the most. I guess it just depends on how much you want to spend!

  • I know this is an old post but got to chip in my say here.
    I own both a Virus TI2 keyboard and a Blofeld keyboard. The TI2 is a real monster synth no doubt about that but the blofeld too is an awesome synth. It does not have the spec of the TI2 but this is reflected in the price difference. There is a difference in sound, sometimes they sound so alike and at other times so different. The TI2 wins in overall sound quality but the Waldorf gives it a sprint finish. The Blofeld is fun and the visual real time graphic display makes things interesting.
    If i had the choice to keep one it would be the TI2 but if the choice was Blofeld vs Snow then Blofeld would win.
    Also who said the Blofeld was lesser build quality!!!!... It's built like a freaking tank, all metal..... and it is NOT noisy on the outputs.
    Above all, they both ooze quality.