advice for sevenup v1: monome sixtyfour, macbook, ableton 8, max and java runtimes

  • need help with having seven up communicate with ableton.
    i've done these steps (when i finish however, my monome doesn't light up with a seven or with two in top left)

    Ableton Live Setup

    There are a few configuration changes necessary in Ableton Live in order for it to accept and send MIDI data correctly.

    Open Ableton Live and navigate to Options -> Preferences
    Click on the MIDI Sync tab on the left
    Enable Track and Remote for the virtual INPUTS of 2-5 (but not 1). Enable Track and Remote MIDI signals for the OUTPUT of device 1
    IMPORTANT: do not turn the input of device 1 on while the output for device 1 is on or you may cause MIDI feedback
    Your preference should now look similar to the image below (Macs will have differently named devices but the numbers should match up):

    Getting Started

    This section will provide you with a "Hello World" for 7up Live. Once we get 7up Live talking to Ableton Live we'll later go into the details of how to navigate through the 7up Live interface.

    With your Monome connected to your PC, open MonomeSerial. The values shown below will work with the defaults in 7up Live:

    Open SevenUpLive v1.4.JAR (Windows) or (OSX)
    You should see the screen below. Choose your monome model from the dropdown and check to make sure your MIDI settings are correct. Your MIDI device names may differ depending on your virtual midi utility but the numbers should match

    Press the initialize button to start the connection to the monome. Its buttons should clear except for 2 in the top right

    if my monome doesn't light up after this, what could be wrong?

    my guess: my ableton may not be properly updated.

    i noticed when i closed my seven up template set, when it asked if i wanted to save changes, it said that it could save because the template was incompatible with my version of live.

    additionally, live tells me that some of my instruments in that set are disabled because they have not been authorized...


  • p.s.

    i found the set-up instructions here:

  • well, i just went to the ableton website to get the update. maybe that will help..

  • Try this template. It is same as the default but without the melodizer instruments in the template.

    Try the getting started video tutorial for v1. It should sort you out. Although vimeo seems to be a bit flakey right now.

  • that template seemed to work. thanks bar/none