Lemur as Monome video

  • New video I saw on youtube showing Lemur as a monome running MLR.


  • Please, If anyone has any more videos of monome apps running on the Lemur, post them. I personally would like to see a 7up live Lemur video.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fM1ODcKrbjo

    i only know of these, maybe you donĀ“t know them yet :-)

  • I have an Emulator for the Lemur it works pretty good, but i think there is a little to much latency in the button pressing. I haven't tried it in a while though. I actually combined the Monome Emulator and Ableton Clip Launcher into one patch.


  • in fact the lemur can send osc, is there nothing like an lemur-serial?

  • You do not need anything Like Lemur Serial. Monome Serial takes a USB (Serial connection) and converts the serial signal to OSC or MIDI. The Lemur uses a network connection that Communicates straight OSC. You could make the Lemur respond exactly the same as a Monome in terms of OSC paths and it would work the same way.


  • but i dont think u can run it with monomeserial or i am wrong?
    or do mean u dont need any software to convert to and form the lemur?

    lemur is great, but the price it out of my range.on wednesday there is the apple keynote and the rumor says that there was an apple tablet coming up.
    Dont know what Jazzmutant is planing for the future, but when multitouch displays are payable for everyone, they need some good ideas...

  • there is some rumor going on: