Can Max 5.1 & 4.6 Be Installed At The Same Time?

  • Got my grayscale 64 last night and am completely new at this, but I am doing well so far. Installed the driver, installed monomeserial and the latest Max5 Runtime. I got monome_test to work fine and then tried mlr and 64step to get my feet wet.

    I ran into trouble dragging audio files into mlr and found a previous discussion indicating that there were issues with drag and drop in Max5. I uninstalled it and installed 4.6 instead. Since then I have been happily playing with mlr and 64step. Now I would like to try mlrv and some other Max5 only apps.

    My question is this: can I have Max 5.1 AND 4.6 installed at the same time in order to run apps appropriate to both? If so, how is this accomplished?

    Windows XP SP3
    AMD Athlon 2700 @ 2.1 MHz
    2 GB RAM

  • yeah, max 5 and max 4 can be installed and run simultaneously no problem

  • Thanks. I'll give it a shot.

  • Hello,

    I tried the same yesterday and unfortunately i haven't managed to have Max 4.6 to work...

    I am on a pc Win XP SP3, COre 2duo, 4 Gb ram.

    Anyone had the same issue or it is just me?


  • UPDATE: I found out that I had to delete some max .pkg files in order to install runtime 4.6

    But then I found out that nonome (1.24a) doesn't work with max 5.1.7..

    Wonder if I can run nonome in max 5.1.7 while running mlr aes in max 4.6!!??

    Gotta check that out asap ;)