mlr / monome + stribe


    Just the bare beginnings, but exciting nonetheless.


    this one I think is a little better

  • Nice work!

  • it was all vlad

    EDIT: i mean the hooks into mlr, not my dippy music

  • The whole thing just seems right though, the stribe sits very comfortably beside the 40h. I think if you get a 'killer app' like mlr for the stribe you'll be set.

  • Well the stribe is already doing some special stuff, bound to get cooler. F'rinstance I've been able to get "range" type behavior from one strip, without even being wired for it, simply with software and firmware interpolation of the sensor data over time. It's pretty cool running an rslider in Max with one of these strips and a pipe command. Tweak the pipe command and you can actually do pinch and stretch motions and get shrunk/enlarged indicator blobs on each slider. It's fun.

  • That sounds pretty sweet, I think you're right to focus on the firmware stuff for now as the stribe is more nuanced in its inputs. Having a good set of firmware 'UI' elements like the range stuff, as well as making the normal input seem responsive and fine grained (by filtering out 'accidental' inputs, noise and what have you) will probably take a little work, but will make writing software for it much easier, and ultimately a more fun device to use.