FS:40h Custom built for sale

  • Hi,
    I put this up for sale on ebay sometime ago but the buyer didn't have the money to pay so the transaction fell through. I didn't put it up since then and its not been used since then.

    It was built using the kit sold here in september.
    The enclosure is from bitmod and I have used white LEDs.
    Will also include a new USB cable. (http://www.bitmod.com/monome40henclosure.php)
    The image you see at bitmod is the one I'm selling. They are using my picture!

    For more pictures check out the flickr page:

    Some videos of it in action:



    So I'm selling this for $309.27 (this includes the paypal fee) + shipping.
    I will ship worldwide at $60. If you are nearby (south-east asia) the shipping can be cheaper.
    As you can see I am selling this for less than what it cost me. The kit itself will cost you more, then you gotta get the enclosure and then there's shipping costs for both.
    I'm also trying to avoid ebay fees by putting it up here so please let me know if you are interested in getting this. I'm only accepting paypal unless its a local pickup.

    contact me at rishabhrajan(at)gmail(dot)com

  • paypal fee calculator:

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