Monome acting as a launchpad

  • So I've seen a lot about the launchpad emulating the monome, but what about the other way around? I was at NAMM this weekend and the launchpad's automap features are really impressive. Has anyone got this working at all? There are the obvious problems of the monome only having two LED states and fewer buttons, but it would still be cool to see the monome automapping to Live's session view or something.


  • There are multiple options for clip launching. Pages, 7up, some other midi remote scripts.

    Ive ported a large amount of the Launchpads mixer control into the latest revision of LiveControl:

  • Right, I saw those - very cool, but it was not clear to me if they did the really obvious automapping to fader control, clip launching, etc. I'm guessing the template helps with that, but then the question is if it has the same scrolling features of the launchpad? Because IMO the slick part about the launchpad is not having to map anything manually.

  • LiveControl does all of the functionality of the launchpad and more straight from start up, including scrolling and the red box functionality for the clip launcher. It loads up all mappings automatically through the python midi remote script, just like the Launchpad midi remote script you load to use the Launchpad.

  • Sweet, I didn't catch the automap stuff from the description of LiveControl. I will give it a try.

  • @ST8

    I am interested in somehow getting access to the red box for m4l clip launchers. Myralfur pointed out that this could be possible via LiveOSC, but I can't find the respective calls in OSCAPI.txt

    could you shed some light onto this ? I have no idea of python, hence the question.

  • call /live/selection toffset, soffset, width , height

  • great, it works...any specific reason that this command is not listed ?

    cheers nick