my first m4l project (idea) need some starters help please.

  • Hello,

    i never made my owm maxpatch but yoused quite a lot of the ones availabe here for my monome. Yeterday i got an idea for a patch i´d like to make but i´m not sure where to start at.

    The idea is to create some kind of editor for my Sequential Six Trak Synthesizer. It has DCO´s and is fully midi controlable. would be cool to have a dropdown menu to save as much presets as i like and eventually use program change too.

    I had a look at the tutorials and i think that ctlout could be the object i have to use here, is that right so far?

    If one could point me in the right direction i´d be very thankfull.

    in the long run i´d like to make it monome able in a way, probably 2-3 midi lfo´s and the (internal) sequencer of the six-trak, if that´s possible. Of course i´d share it at some point if there´s some interst in it.

    thanks for any tips and tricks.