never seen so many monomes on ebay at one point.

  • it looks like stretta even has one up. so many monomes.

  • new economic indicator?

    if i hear about "the monome index" on NPR ima start to be really convinced i am living in fictional reality

  • i think its probably a combo of people swapping out for greyscales, and a few users from the most recent production run that realized the monome is not for them. Oh..yeah and shady ebay resellers.

  • Man, I need to be thankful for getting mine off Craigslist for only $200.

  • $200?


    kit made or proper? (mine is kit made, no slight to kits.)

  • I'm embarrassed to say how much I paid but let's just say that The Solar PV fund got a generous donation. :)

  • @mrvis
    excellent find there man!

  • @griotspeak - a kit with a nice enclosure. a 40h

    Kid was selling it to get cash for some other electronic music gear. That's the Bay Area for you.

    There were a few sticky buttons, but after reading up on here I have my sandpaper (rubbing alcohol helped, but there are some holdouts) and I should have it all taken care of tonight.